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App description: Immerse yourself in the lands of Morghoth in this dark fantasy adventure, a game that any role-playing enthusiast has to try at least once!

Welcome to Morghoth a dark land where souls have awakened in the heart of Darkness by the fault of a book, The Dark Book! You'll start your journey to a remote city, meet many friends and enemies along your way that will make you find out what happened and who and who is responsible for these dark events.

Variety of enemies, places, weapons and magics
An exciting story that will offer you several hours of play
Camera, map and customizable graphics
Typical old school hack and slash (no need for WiFi)
Multilingual: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Russian

* Optional in-app purchases:
Magic Shield on Ridden Town
Soul Sword on Vivek Town
Magic Armor on Mysting Town
Magic Bull Helmet on Mysting Town
Devouring Sword on Solaris Town
Ring HP-MP on Black Castle
Skeleton Gold on Black Castle
Hammer Infinity

The Dark Book is an action RPG hack-and-slash inspired Hai Classics old school years 90. You will play as a warrior skeleton through hordes of enemies, breaking down which will earn gold items experience points, and become an ever stronger warrior. A wide variety of quests, enemies, bosses with which to retrieve specific objects...

* The game and continues to develop and will be upgraded for free

Boardumb's comments:

05-03-2018, 12:29 AM
Joined: Jun 2015
Posts: 978
A basic arpg with some nice graphics and controls. Equipment deteriorates as you use it and you need repair hammers to fix them. Game has lots of drops though I am yet to see anything better than a standard quality.
I have not yet seen any iaps so far, after about half an hours play.
It plays a bit clunky and combat is somewhat lacking with no sound for when hitting your enemies.
But certainly worth a download if you are interested in the arpg genre.
05-03-2018, 05:49 AM
Joined: Sep 2013
Location: Germany
Posts: 20

This one surprised me in a very positive way. Its neither Diablo, nor Sacred thats for sure but its well worth the time.

You get a simplistic, smoothly running and entertaining action-rpg with a, well, story you might have heard before.

Nevertheless its fun to play and thats what actually counts.

Greetings from Germany,

05-03-2018, 04:48 PM
Joined: Jun 2015
Posts: 978
There are three iaps.
A permanent repair hammer, gems and gold.
The permanent hammer replaces temporary hammers that you can buy in the game for 500 gold each.
Not sure what the gems are for but they might ressurect you if you die. They drop ingame rarely.
Gold is used at merchants and is available from drops.

After 2 hours playing I have yet to see a real need for any of the iaps yet.