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Dungeon Hunter Champions (by Gameloft)

05-02-2018, 03:04 PM
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Dungeon Hunter Champions (by Gameloft)

Dungeon Hunter Champions

Genres: Games Adventure Role Playing

Join thousands of players in the ultimate online Action-RPG; customize your team of Champions, embark on an epic adventure and clash with enemies in real-time 5v5 battles. Welcome to Dungeon Hunter Champions.

• Join the community and meet players from around the world!
• Reinforce your party with your friends' best Champions and share yours in return.
• Create or join a Guild and earn powerful bonuses.

• Prove your worth in real-time 5v5 battles.
• Climb the ranks of the leaderboards for fame and glory.
• Crush your opponents to reap the highest rewards.

• Summon unique Champions from every corner of the multiverse, each with their own distinct abilities and style of play.
• Power up each of your Champions and unlock their ultimate form through Ascension.
• Mix and match Champions of different elements to create deadly new party compositions.

• Challenge gigantic foes like the brutal Bull Demon and the vicious Elder Drake.
• Discover strategies to counter each boss's devastating special abilities.
• Defeat the most powerful monsters to obtain legendary Gear for your Champions.


Visit our official site at http://gmlft.co/website_EN
Check out the new blog at http://gmlft.co/central

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End-User License Agreement: http://www.gameloft.com/en/eula

Minimum iOS Version: iOS 9.0

Download Size: 1.3GB

05-02-2018, 03:19 PM
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I really hate gameloft but I see many people talking about this game. Is it really worth to try?
05-02-2018, 04:03 PM
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It's not bad, I enjoy it, if u might MOBAs u most likely will too

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05-03-2018, 02:34 AM
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This was just horrible in soft launch. I doubt they changed the core gameplay, which is where the game just falls apart. The single player missions are “ok”, but they are all very very short. So, if you’re looking for great single player gameplay of this type, literally every dungeon hunter before this is a better choice (even the recent freemium fest that was the last game, with 18 different currencies).

The multiplayer portion fares far worse. It has the map of a MOBA, but it feels all wrong. The camera is very zoomed in, which translates to really bad team fights and tactical positioning (many abilities go beyond your view). The map is very large AND you move quite slowly compared to other MOBAs. And the fights just don’t feel great. Every character has too much health and your abilities do too little. It feels like every fight is a boring tank VS. tank fight you would see in other MOBAs.

The worst part is the pay 2 win aspect. Like many social RPGs, you have the standard star up of champions. But the higher the stars, the greater their starter stats in the MOBA portion. No other MOBA has such a pay to win element. Vainglory has small talents that are only used in its “fun” game mode. Arena of Valor has runes that can only be purchased by playing the game. Paladins Strike throws talents at you just for playing the game and earning achievements (and the improvements are incredibly slight). Whereas here, you can have a mirror match with a 1 star champion VS. a 6 or 7 star champion and skill is not even a large factor at that point. And yes, you can literally throw thousands of dollars at the game and get a super powerful high star champion right out of the gate.
05-03-2018, 07:19 PM
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Seems like whenever a game has ragdolls physics people hate the gameplay. I love ragdolls keeps graphics looking fresh and well animated.

I’m enjoying this tho there is obvious f2p stuff. And it’s arena battles but it looks nice and polished.
05-14-2018, 06:52 PM
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I can't seem to be able to download the PC version - anyone else having issues? I mean, it seems like it's available when I follow the links from the Gameloft page, but clicking the download link does nothing for me.