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App description: Equip your hero and join the 3D Dungeon RPG mobile game world!

Tactics RPG is a role-playing game that you can enjoy fun and completely free of charge.
Let's adventure fields and dungeons with roguelike turn system.

The fighting hero is not a warrior but a craftsman. There are no tools such as swords to fight, please exterminate monsters with craftsmanship techniques and tools. A craftsman hero can train with a combination of three statuses and over 40 avilibrium.
(You can also make a team with your enemies on a side.)
Quickly explore the dungeons and solve the dungeon's gimmick's mystery!

Upgrade brings fun of craftmen's fighting.
Equipment can be combined within a weight limit of 100 items or more.

Equipment can be upgraded to a more powerful one, so please find a combination of the most powerful features and equipment.
Heroes can be raised freely. The pattern is infinite.

Easy battle with auto function.
3D Dungeon's easy-to-read Auto Map function.
Easy to play with automatic battle.
But if you rely too much on automatic battle, you may cut it.
Practice full-scale Tactics RPG through strategy and hero training!

You can enjoy hack and slash games on smartphones.
Tactics RPG can change the position of the button, so it will be easy to operate.

[how to play]
Once you have the equipment in town, go to the dungeons and fight against monsters. Please earn money and gain experience.
In the dungeon, open up treasure boxes and get valuable items.
After you make money, you can master your desired abilities by the craftsmen's guild. Heroes will be able to win even in the new dungeon.

Heroes can upgrade blacksmith tools with jem.
Let's aim for the goal of the game with adventure to every place of the dungeon map.
Let's battle to where the boss character is, while solving the mystery.
Let's strengthen the hero's equipment and make a strategy. And please enjoy your own RPG!

A town in the country of peace "Gendam". Many craftsmen are improving their skills day by day because of the development of the city. But the city had big problems. It is the existence of monsters that attack people and devastate the city.
The number of monsters increases day by day and the damage is increasing.
So, an apprentice of a craftsman has decided to go out to find out why monsters are increasing.

[Release Memorial Item]
In commemoration of the release, a limited number of rare items "Kids Hammer" are gifted for a limited time.
Let's get a treasure box in the city so do not miss it!

Game Outline
Title: Tactics RPG Craftsman hero battle
Category: role playing game (free)
Genre: craftsman's adventure strategy RPG

nyanpass's comments:


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PV is Japanese, but the game supports English.
05-09-2018, 10:40 PM
Joined: Jun 2015
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Yes I know this is a free game but if you can put up with selectable ads this is a really decent turn based rpg. There are no iaps at all.
There is a small unintrusive banner ad at the bottom of the screen that I simply forgot was there while playing.
The ads are there to;
*open special chests
*obtain gems
*continue without losing items if killed
...all ads can be closed after 5 seconds! For me this is fantastic and hardly breakes immersion in the game. All ads are optional.
There are loads of items and equipment to get.
Over 40 skills to choose from. The first skill you must get imho is the Eagle Eye skill which allows you to play zoomed out.
You can save your game at any time and you will return to the exact same position you left.
Tap on any part of the screen will give you an auto map showing the basic area you are in.

I recommend you change the viewing angle from the default 45degrees to straight up and down. You can also change the position of the action buttons and the status bars.
There are seperate music and effects sliders. No screen rotation unfortunately.
Game looks and plays well on the large iPad Pro.

This game caught me by surprise and I have not stopped playing since I installed it, some five hours ago.
Even though the Engrish in game this one is strong........this game gets a definite 👍 from me.

Last edited by stubbieoz; 05-09-2018 at 10:43 PM.
05-10-2018, 06:31 AM
Joined: Dec 2010
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The keypad is quite a turn off
05-10-2018, 03:23 PM
Joined: Jun 2015
Posts: 978
Originally Posted by RinoaHeartily View Post
The keypad is quite a turn off
Yep it is a bit much. Looks like the dev used Lowerlander for inspiration. 😬