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🎼 Afilion Music 🎼

05-07-2018, 05:42 PM
🎼 Afilion Music 🎼

Hey guys! I am Afilion and I am a music composer and sound designer.

My links:
A bit about me! I go by Afilion but you can call me Justin. I specialize in custom music and sound design for video-games and trailers.

A few credits:
  • Super Smash Bros. Crusade | Project Crusade | PC | Music
  • Nin Online | Hitspark Interactive | PC | Music
  • Silverdale | Hitspark Interactive | PC | Music
  • Pirate Burglar | Sharbel Freiberger da Silva | Android | Music & SFX
  • Sky Cannon | Eduard Frolov | Android | Music & SFX
  • The Ballad of Lone Phoenix | AngelWire | PC | Music
  • Lazy Rocket | Hitspark Interactive | Android | Music
  • Tiny Tractor Tales | Florian Dechant | Android | Music
  • Prez Games | Flexibendi | Android | Music & SFX
  • Super Smash Clash - Brothers | Impact-Studios | Android | Music

I have also released 4 full length video-game inspired albums and singles. Listen here.


My rates are negotiable and are based on a few factors. I charge per minute and per sound effect. Whether exclusive or non-exclusive and profit-shared or not. With an exclusive license you retain all the rights to my music (highest fee). With a non-exclusive license you retain the rights to use my music in your game and I retain the rights to sell and license the music and soundtrack (In the middle). We can also do profit share where I ask for a certain percentage (i.e. 12%) of each sale which would reduce my average fee per minute. That said everything is negotiable and I am open to discussion!

If you have any questions or comments, then give me a shout PM or e-mail afilionmusic@gmail.com! I’m super easy to talk to!

Have a good one!