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Plus+ Features Request

11-06-2009, 04:12 PM
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Plus+ Features Request

Hey all,

With two Plus+ enabled games rocking the App Store Sales Chat, Plus+ is the best Social Gaming Add-On a developer could add to their game. An amazing amount of polish, great catalog, and push notifications. I wanted to get a thread going and see what upcoming features you'd like to see with the Plus+ network. I hope they actively update Plus+, and maybe if we get a big thread going on suggestions, Allen/MJ may just spread the word to the rest of the team!

Here's a few things I'd like to see:
  • Global Plus+ Score Leaderboard
  • Whose Online and what their playing
  • Direct Messaging/Email
  • Landscape Support
  • Require Plus Logo on App OR do away with it completely
  • Contests!

Feel free to add anything you guys can think of, I'll add it to the list.

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11-06-2009, 04:42 PM
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Landscape support.
Offline scoring/achievement caching, automatically submitted next time I'm online.

Originally Posted by NickFalk View Post

Worst idea ever!

11-07-2009, 12:40 AM
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Full Plus+ Points Leaderboard
Offline Mode
Friends Status/Messaging

Basically just rip off every great idea Microsoft came up with for Xbox Live.
11-07-2009, 02:23 AM
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Offline mode, like in Openfeint for us Ipod Touch users
11-07-2009, 11:29 AM
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i'll add some thoughts here.......

-who's online and what they are playing (assuming its a plus+ game) -- agreed
-def should support landscape -- agreed
-offline mode -- agreed
-require the plus+ logo on all apps supporting plus+ -- agreed i actually think it looks really cool
-it already does status updates well sorta......
-contests -- thinking about this will update with my thoughts in a later post

in landscape mode i would like to see some coverflow usage especially for the news/social media campaigns items would rather see some rich thumbnail images then just text tittles and be able to go from coverflow to list by just rotating the iphone

as far as messaging i would go with something more like twitter asynchronous messaging within the plus+ network rather then a ton of public IM chat rooms or one on one IM private messaging i would just go with something like twitter and facilitate a centralized conversation thread for announcements, private messages, ect all on one thread

party functionality should scale from in game parties like they are with eliminate private matches and other games yet to take advantage of it to beyond games where a gamer playing eliminate could join a plus+ generic party of friends playing rolando (for example) and interact with friends across games should be a combination of chat via voice and IM text chat while your in the party

also since there is the distinction between friends and followers i really have a feeling this is the direction they are going with messaging more twitter like rather then a collection of real time chat rooms or rather then PMs or email/inbox like and if they are going with a more twitter like experience that is a REALLY smart move on their part

what do you guys think?

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11-07-2009, 12:42 PM
Good idea, I definitely have a few suggestions
  • A dedicated Plus+ application that is always up-to-date, and includes an expanded and more detailed feature set
  • Instant Message / Mail
  • Landscape support (I don't care, but others seem to want)
  • Better and less obtrusive icon identification (Maybe just the '+')
  • Delayed challenges (a list of all unanswered challenges, rather than a "respond immediately or it's gone forever")
  • Detailed profile information
  • Detailed leaderboards and rankings
  • Save game uploading and management in every game

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11-07-2009, 01:00 PM
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  • The ability to have any picture for public pic
  • most recent games on profile card when you go to the friend screen and if they're online or not. [without having to click into the person's profile](like a small picture of the game's icon and/or small pictures of the most recent achievements.
  • Descriptions for EVERY ACHIEVEMENT! (for achievement whores like me

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11-07-2009, 01:27 PM
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prepare yourself got a huge post coming up

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11-07-2009, 01:27 PM
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i have also been asking or requesting "groups" but im trying to figure out how that would work with a twitter like communication platform because above all else it should be asynchronous and revolve around a centralized activity feed/channel/thread

but i really would love to have groups and a twitter like experience on the plus+ network so im going to attempt to design flow here using the twitter lists as a starting point

here goes.................

1) users can organize their plus+ friends list into groups or lists and name them for organizational purposes

2) they can also publish the group or just leave it private

3) when a user publishes a group every person in the group (even if they are not a friend) gets notified that they are a part of the group but only friends and followers of the group creator will automatically start receiving group content in their channel and by group content i mean messages posted with the @groupname from the creator and/or users in the group who have synced to the group but members who havent synced and are just recipients they will only receive content from users where there is a connection meaning they have to be friends or a follower of one of the users

4) a member of the public group those who did not create the group -- can do 2 things: 1) they can opt out of the group and not receive content posted to the group via @groupname or 2)sync the group and this will automatically follow members of the group who haven't been followed and allow the user who didn't create the group to sync the group to their account where they can either leave the name the creator used as is or rename it to whatever they want and once synced they can then begin to use @groupname to post content to the group

there thats a good flow or at least a good start......any gaps i didn't think of?

also even though i would love for it to be "like" twitter i would prefer there to be a few distinctions.....

here they are:

@username will be a direct message and doesn't get published in your public thread which will be pushed to all of your friends and followers, it only gets published to the @username users you designated in the message and if you add multiple @usernames in a single message all of those users will get the message as is. i think that would be better for a gaming social network and if you want to reply or dis someone publicly just post a message with the name of the person you want to reply/dis in public without the @ symbol in front of their name and that will do the trick no need to publicly publish each and every message, and this will of course make filtering much easier as a user could then filter between public messages or direct messages

private groups can still be used to send a message to multiple people without having to type them all out, just use the @groupname and each person you added to the group will get the message without the @groupname in it the recipients or friend the user added to the group will get the message that will have their @username in it the username would be their username of course instead of the private name of the group that the sender hasn't made public so for instance i make a group and name it "punks" i send this message "@punks you up for a challenge?" and the recipient in this case lets say his username is "bob" well bob will get a message that looks like this "@bob you up for a challenge?"

public groups are different from private groups private groups are just like email lists or mass texts it allows the sender to send a single message to multiple people without having to type out each and everyone of their names each time but a public group is very much a group in essence like say for instance skip made the 53battalion group public he would send out a message "@53battalion meet up tonight lets take on the 11battalion at full force" everyone he added to the group (assuming of course they are a friend or follower) would get that message as is and if they synced the group they will be able to use the same @groupname to be like "@53battalion hell yeah im in" and everyone in the group would get that reply but if a user synced the group then changed the name to say @progroup when they send the message it will show up with whatever name the users in the group have it synced as so if skip still has it with @53battalion and i synced it to @progroup and sent the message "@progroup" count me in too" it would show up to skip as "@53battalion count me in too" with that name not @progroup.

the main difference between the private groups and the public groups is that the private groups are very much like mass texts that come across as private messages to each of the recipients individually without knowing who else it was sent to, but the public groups are very much public broadcasts but only to the members in the group and it doesn't show up to everyone who is either your friend or following you. make sense? the public groups will help users send public messages to relevant recipients rather then to everyone that is their friend or follower that could care less where as the private groups are just mass direct messages to each recipient

i think this design is better for a gaming social network then just completely copying twitter as is, because it will keep the threads relevant and easier to manage even if you go on say an add spree and add a ton of people who you dont even know yea at first your thread will be overflowing with content and seem quite ridiculous but one need only to tap the @ filter and all of a sudden the thread will become an optimized stream of relevant communication as all of the public announcements will disappear and only direct messages and public group announcements will be listed in the thread and if your in a ton of groups there may even be a on/off button turn it off group announcements they will disappear and you can focus on replying to all of your direct messages, turn it on and you can check out all of the group activity and instantly be able to get involved in the community hell there may even be a filter specifically for public groups where you can filter the thread to just group announcements and if Ngmoco is feeling creative there may even be a nice search feature similar to how it works in gmail

as if twitter hasn't proven it yet but activity feeds trumps all -- im, email everything it is the most efficient communication platform to date and optimize it slightly for use in a gaming social network then you will have an awesome leg up in the race to become the defacto layer offered to developers

but even so dont forget about IM all together as it will be a perfect fit for parties especially if there is also a voice chat functionality to go along with it but thats temporary and role specific as both IM and chats should be want a powerful messaging platform then design something like twitter not mail not forum real time asynchronous activity feeds is where its at if you want to chat "chat" then invite your friends to a party if not then create some messages and be done with it.

and all of this functionality could be implemented with just one extra tab at the bottom in plus+ call it "socialize" or something this would be where you go to not only read your thread but also compose and post announcements/status updates, direct messages and public group announcements then on the friends tab just add the functionality to create groups and name them and publish them or leave them private

done done and DONE!!

you can thank me later

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11-07-2009, 01:46 PM
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public groups will of course be an opt in experience if you start getting aggrivated by group add requests or rather notifications that one of your followers added you to a group you can set your plus+ profile to private and no longer worry about random ppl adding you to random public groups only your friends will be able to do that

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