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App description: Awaken Old Fogey for you are not dead yet! Does the caged bird remember the freedom of flight? Has the spirit of the tiger withered with the seasons of life? Has the master of old forsaken his earthly body? Your warriors spirit cannot be contained within these restrictive hospital walls. Adventure awaits you outside. Escaping will require the strength of the tiger, the courage of the panther, the agility of the crane, and the cunning of the snake. This is your Final Battle. You are the dragon and only you can unleash Fogey Fu!


-Choose your favorite fogey and battle your way thru floors of the hospital. If your able to fight thru orderlies, nurses, greedy relatives, acrobatic surgeons, deadly doctors, and death himself you may reach the ultimate destination, the lobby.

-Your entire body is a lethal weapon. Chop, kick, and thrust your way thru hoards of medical personnel.

-Watch carefully for hidden bonuses that release super attacks and invincibility such as the ScootMaster 5000 power chair and the mighty blue pill of vigor.

-Raid the nurses station at the end of each floor level for power ups like puddings and ointments to enhance your fogeys abilities.

-Foes are many and armed to the teeth. Orderlies hurl bed pans and whip enema bags, burly nurses mercilessly kick your shins, deadly doctors attack with syringes, ninja like surgeons employ amazing acrobatics, greedy relatives try to impose their will, and death himself attacks with a scythe, but even death is not the end the final foe is double deadly!

rated E for elderly


"Not since Wilford Brimley has an octogenarian titillated the geriatric heart of America!"
- Old Phart Times

" Let's hear it for Fogey! He parties like it's 1899. And he was 100. In 1899. Making him old today. Really, really, old."
-Bea Authur

" Take one part vinegar, one part salt, and one part tobacco juice from the front of a nursing home patient; stir, let it age for about 90 years. Mmmm! That's good Fogey!"
- Paula Dean, Cooking With Paula Dean
11-07-2009, 04:55 PM
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Almost curious...

Tim "Lord Gek" Jordan, Game Consultant
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11-07-2009, 07:42 PM
Wow we can be playing Tap-Fu; Stick Fu; Word Fu and now Fogey Fu all at the same time!