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Types of gamers on mobile platforms...

11-09-2009, 06:28 PM
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Types of gamers on mobile platforms...

All of us being fans of the iDevice platform for gaming, I think it's safe to assume many of us have used other "mobile devices" prior to coming to the iPhone/iTouch. At the risk of revealing just how ancient I am, I know I've personally been using some form of mobile device since the Casio Zoomer (a very poorly done non-Apple Newton for those of you not familiar with devices of the early to mid 90's era). I've pretty much tried them all from Palm based devices, to Windows CE/Mobile/PocketPC/etc. to Symbian and Blackberry and finally the iPhone. There's been some form of gaming available on pretty much all of them and the quality of the games overall has increased pretty rapidly over the years.

My question is this, does your background with other devices influence what type of gamer you are now with your iDevice? For example, my most heavily used platform of the past few years was Windows Mobile in it's various flavors and forms. Since 2000 or so, it's even been a pretty great gaming platform. I think that has made me the type of iPhone gamer who is looking for depth and complexity in a mobile game. I want something I can sink my teeth into. Alternatively, some of my colleagues and acquaintances have come from Blackberry or Palm. They seem to be after the more casual pick-up-and-play types of games like Charmed (the Bejeweled killer I might add!).

So what's your background with mobile gaming and what are your favorite games to play on the iPhone now? Thanks!


11-10-2009, 06:52 PM
I have always been a portable/handheld gamer. Not so much console.

I've had the gameboy colour, gameboy advance, gameboy advanced sp, nintendo ds lite, and also own the phat PSP.

I've played almost all major titles in each of the above handhelds. I enjoyed the DS's games the most.... until I got my iPod Touch.

To be honest i think the reason why i Love the iphone games so much is because they AREN'T so indepth. They are fun to pickup and play, and with 8 gb min of storage, you can have almost over 100 games, where as each of the above you have to CARRY cartridge for or UMDs.

Right now, i'm loving all of gameloft's copycat games; blades of fury, sandstorm, dungeon hunter, etc. Also alive4ever, zenonia, eliminate, and the sports games (madden, nba live)

11-11-2009, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by arikado View Post
To be honest i think the reason why i Love the iphone games so much is because they AREN'T so indepth.
Same for me.

I started handheld gaming quite late with the gameboy advance and then got the DS on release day. Switched to DS lite sometime ago. Thought about getting a PSP twice (first when it came out and then some weeks ago when it got cheaper), but both times decided that there are to few games I'd like to play. I got my iPod touch 2nd gen just because there was a special offer from Apple to get it for 35 when you buy a MacBook. I didn't really know what the iPod could do, I just thought that 35 is too cheap to say no .

Now I totally love the games for the iDevices and play on my iPod the whole time and not on my DS. With DS games I always had trouble motivating me to play through, because I usually get bored after around 10 hours or so. So I'm looking for games that are not too complicated and last less than 10 hours.

Favorites so far: geoDefense, Dungeon Hunter, Wolfenstein RPG, Rock Band, Puzzle Quest, Tiki Towers