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iPhone: Bobobua(FULL Version) is available now!

11-11-2009, 01:20 AM
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Bobobua(FULL Version) is available now!

Bobobua (pronounced ‘baw-baw-bwah’) is a casual game in the purest definition of the term; it was designed with the express intent of providing a relaxing, rewarding game experience.

*Bobobua has been selected in annual curated IndieCade showcase at E3 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Love can be found in the strangest places. For Bobo, meatball extraordinaire, it was in a hot, steaming bowl of beef noodle soup. But when his newfound love Bua is swallowed by a ravenous human their saucy love is put to the ultimate test. With the help of best friend Sisi, a tightly wound noodle, Bobo must bounce into the belly of the beast to find and save his love before it’s too late.

Game mechanism was unique and completely combined with story board. Basically you should bounce meatball to jump up by using noodle’s spring to eat creatures and go to the exit to next level, at the same time, rotate the iPhone to tilt the noodle will be helpful for your battle.

Action Mode challenges players to survive an endless wave of tofu and bacteria in their quest not for Bua, but the ever elusive high score.

Story Mode follows Bobo on his epic journey through the body of the man who has swallowed his beloved. Gameplay evolves over the course of the adventure, and each level is bookended with short cutscenes that document Bobo’s tale.

Art style is adorable that can stand out from other handheld games. It combines with strong colors, graphical elements as well as cute characters which are inspired from meatball noodle, and also have a sense of 3 Dimensional in space.


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11-11-2009, 01:22 AM
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