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Dragon Sword RPG - submitted to Apple

11-11-2009, 02:46 AM
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Dragon Sword RPG - submitted to Apple

Dragon Sword
Incredibly deep and beautifully crafted RPG adventure; an epic tale of a young hero restoring the glory of his beloved South Kingdom.

  • action every step of the way;
  • waves and waves of monsters and evil creatures to destroy;
  • magic potions and powers;
  • huge arsenal of weapons;
  • vast map with numerous towns to explore;
  • secret hidden areas to warp to;
  • rich story and colorful characters, from charming to crazy;
  • highly detailed visuals.
Plus plenty of replay value!
  • superb multi-player mode;
  • battle head-to-head in multi-player mode;
  • win gold, fame and other valuable items in death matches;
  • On-line item trading system.
Networked, head-to-head battles are turn-based. Choose three moves in advance (without knowing your opponent's moves of course), then fight and watch the outcome. Repeat until one of you is lying dead on the floor!

Battle screen, single player

In the villages

On-line battle

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11-11-2009, 02:51 AM
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Looks great! Now for the others waiting to be submitted

It's cool, refreshing, and irresistibly tantalizing...ChocoVanilla Ice-Cream!

11-11-2009, 03:53 AM
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Wow this looks awesome!!!
11-11-2009, 04:04 AM
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Yap, i like too now lets wait
11-11-2009, 05:06 AM
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This looks very promising.. Love the art..
11-11-2009, 09:24 AM
I can't wait. :]
11-11-2009, 09:56 AM
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Looks good. Cant wait to play
11-11-2009, 10:06 AM
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looks good but please tell me the battle system IS deeper than rock paper sissors...
11-11-2009, 10:31 AM
Quite a step up from the original cell phone screens. Can't wait to check it out.
11-11-2009, 10:50 AM
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that does look cool!

...just wondering though if the maps/dungeons are randomly generated when you play...that would siginificantly increase replay value for me

Originally Posted by sizzlakalonji View Post
I don't want to alarm anyone, but I just played this, felt a tingle, rushed to the bathroom, and urinated rainbows and glitter.
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Yesss, I'm off for a leak to see if the same happens for me.