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iPhone: The Saboteur Impressions

11-19-2009, 04:55 AM
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The Saboteur Impressions

Killing Nazis never gets old. Thatís been my adage for years. Itís game developersí execution of SS-slaying that got a bit long in the tooth. Enter Pandemic, a studio known for some great games (at least collectively; Iím one of the few dissenters regarding Mercenaries) involving open worlds and ridiculous amounts of destruction. The developerís latest effort, The Saboteur, purports to fuse the high-level demolition to WWII-era Paris. The gameís all but finished at this point, and although EA didnít leave us with final builds to gnaw on, I got a glimpse at what the game has in store for its December 8 bow.wow gold

If youíre not in the loop, The Saboteur puts you in the shoes of Sean Devlin, a race-car driver whoís cheated out of a victory and nearly killed during a major race in Germany. After fighting his way into Nazi-occupied France, he becomes an unlikely resistance fighter who strives to become a huge thorn in the side of the Third Reich.wow gold

Lead designer Tom French dropped in earlier today for a guided demo. X-Play will have the goods next week, but I watched over his shoulder as he filmed a guided walkthrough for G4tv.com, which you can check out Thursday morning. What were some of the highlights you can look forward to seeing in the final game? Read on! wow gold

Whatíre Ya Buyiní? wow gold

Sean canít break up the occupation without some heavy weapons, and in between the jollies of cavorting with ladies of the evening and giving fatal facial piercings to fascists, heís eventually going to have to buy some artillery. That comes thanks to back-alley vendors who sell him lots of huge guns. Itís a touch that feels very Mercenaries, largely thanks to the assortment of weapons available. wow gold
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