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iPhone: EDEN - Introduction and Gameplay videos

11-21-2009, 02:17 AM
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EDEN - Introduction and Gameplay videos


Allow us to re-introduce our new puzzle game: EDEN, just released a few days ago!
Introduction and Gameplay screencast videos are now available!

Name: EDEN
Category: Puzzle, Strategy
Price: Tier 3 (US$2.99, JPY350)
[Website | iTunes Link]

For more details, please see the announcement thread.

Video 1: Introduction
Vimeo | YouTube

Video 2: Gameplay
Vimeo | YouTube

Thank you!

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11-24-2009, 10:31 PM
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Youtube link | Pop Up
11-24-2009, 10:32 PM
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This is a quality puzzle game.

In the game, you play as a character named Eden, who has the task of recovering all the lost "fruit of knowledge" for the purpose of returning the fruit to a sacred garden, to fulfill a God's prophecy. While there is a background story, Eden plays out like a puzzle game with a good theme more than anything. The gameplay is similiar to other games like Turn: Episode 1 and Ynth, only in Eden your character can only move by falling, the forces of gravity from you rotating the screen. The object of the game Eden is to collect the fruit in each stage and then reach the exit gate to complete the stage. To do this you will have to rotate the screen/environment that Eden is in and make your character fall by gravity to the right places, avoiding dangers/enemies in the process, also rotating to get on and around obstacles, and using some of the obstacles to your advantage to find a safe, possible way to the fruit and then the gate. The fruit must be obtained first in order for the exit gate to open and a stage to be completed.

Every time you rotate the screen, it is counted as a move. The game keeps count of your moves and sets a par for each stage. You do not have to make par to complete a stage or advance, its just an additional challenge to complete the stages within a limited amount of moves. There is no timer or move limit. After completing each stage your BEST(lowest amount of moves taken to complete a stage) is recorded, and displayed on the upper corner of the screen if you decide to replay the level. There are 40 stages in the game split into 5 areas, 8 stages per area. Each new area that you advance to is different and includes more things to interact with or avoid. The first area is pretty straight forward... collect the fruit to open the exit gate in each stage, make your way to the gate and advance. After completing the entire first area, you begin having to deal with new dangers that were not present in the first area such as killer plants, dangerous creatures, warps and trap doors. So each area you make it to adds a new puzzle element, either a new obstacle or a new danger/enemy. The second area adds a killer plant, which does not move, but if your character makes contact with it by falling into it you will have to restart the stage you're on. The third area adds warps, which when entered can transport your character to another warp/different part of the screen, the direction your character enters the warps will reflect on the direction you reappear through the other part of the playing field. The fourth area adds dangerous creatures into the mix, these enemies are a pain because they move and fall with you while you rotate the screen, they cannot be made contact with or the stage will have to be restarted. The fifth area introduces trap doors.

The game autosaves your progress so you can continue where you left off after exiting. There is stage select menu in the game, so you can replay any level you want and try to complete it in less moves or make par. Also, by pausing the game while playing you have an option to immediately restart a stage any time you want. After completing each stage you will be given an option prompt to RETRY(to try and finish in less moves) or CONTINUE (to the next puzzle)

The game is in portrait mode and can be played with one hand. There are 3 control options in Eden...Swipe, accelerometer, or directional buttons... the only thing they are used for is to rotate the screen and move your character in the process. They all work smoothly, I prefer the swipe option the best.

To me, this game is puzzle gaming at its finest. Those who are up for the challenge will quickly find out that the gameplay is no walk in the park, while its not overly difficult many of the puzzles are a decent challenge and will have your mind boggled at least temporarily, but in an enjoyable way not a frustrating one. Eden is an addicting puzzle game, I highly recommend it to everyone, especially puzzle gamers. Everything is put together well. This is one of my favorite iphone games. A puzzle gem.

Presentation - 9/10 Everything is smooth and set up well, plenty of settings/options, mini tutorial
Gameplay - 9/10 Engaging puzzle gameplay with a touch of a background story thrown in.
Graphics - 8/10 Good for what it is...a puzzle game. Its got its own style and it looks good. No rough edges, crisp and clear.
Sound - 9/10 There is background music, and sound effects. Both are good. Either one or both can be shut off if you don't want to listen to them.
Replay Value - 9/10 You can retry any level at any time you want to make par or complete in less moves.
Controls - 9.5/10 3 options, controls are only used to rotate screen, work smoothly.

Overall 9/10 - a strong 9/10 for a puzzle game.
11-24-2009, 10:39 PM
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@freedog - outstanding review. Thanks!

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