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Anime Game Concept

11-21-2009, 09:23 AM
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Anime Game Concept

This game is a concept created specifically for Anime fans!

There will be 6 Modes --

2)Co-Op Mode
4)RPG mode
5)World Mode
6)Viz TV mode

The Dojo

The dojo mode is all about character creation & management. In this mode you will be able to edit everything from your characters appearance, to their fighting style, even their personalities. The dojo mode will have TONs of content offering an unprecedented amount of customization available so you can create a very unique cast of anime characters (10 total) that will be used across all of the diverse story & game modes in this concept. Also its important to note that there should be content added continuously available via in-app purchases.

bottom line: you should be able to create an awesome cast of anime characters!

Co-op Mode

Co-op mode is a collection of 4 cliche anime short stories with level and gameplay flow designed very similar to that of L4D campaigns with strong emphasis on visually striking action and frantic fast paced cooperative gameplay. The only difference is that it will be action not a shooter and obviously it will not be the zombie apocalypse and you will not be fighting zombies and even though the design is similar it will be a very unique and fun experience all on its own.

Vs Mode

Vs mode is all about competative multiplayer experiences. It has 3 sub modes:

1) old school 2D
2) deathmatch
3) team deathmach

The old school 2D mode

This mode plays just like a street fighter or tekken except the characters are selected from your created cast of characters and the deposition or background story is taken from your characters chosen personality as well as other customizable attributes or randomized variables.

The deathmatch modes

The deathmatch mode is a 3D action based competative mode played thru one of the 4 different anime stories used in the co-op mode to set the deposition or scenario for the fight. This mode will have respawns, small maps several different unique scenarios derived from each story, and power ups but limited health and should be quite fun to play with 2-4 other players online.

Team deathmatch is 2 on 2 plays out just like the regular deathmatch but your on a team.

The RPG Mode

This mode is all about single player story driven experiences in the traditional RPG style. You select one of the 4 stories and play thru it as an RPG. In this mode you not only continue where the co-op story left off but you also get to replay some scenarios from the co-op story except its a traditional turn based RPG gameplay and your party is comprised of 4 of your characters that you organically meet throughout the game and you have to actually make 4 characters before you can play this mode.

World Mode

This mode is all about MMO gameplay its comprised of its own story and lore which is very subtle as its mostly driven by side quests and a huge open world to explore. In this mode you play thru it with one of your created characters of course chose your allegiance to a faction and voila your ready to join the game

Viz TV Mode

This mode is all about a mutual relationship with Viz and ultimately offering all of their content for download and streaming thru the game itself via a couple different pricing options for consumers to choose from.

1) a monthly subscription providing all of their media for unlimited streaming and/or downloading

2) in app purchases individually per episode and/or per season

The content will include:

- most of the popular anime series for streaming and downloading especially their new content with both english dubbed and fansubs/licensed subs available a day or so after the show gets aired.

-digital manga, fan art, ringtones, backgrounds ect

-it should also include character bios and details about each character from each series so you can go thru and read up about them but also i was thinking it would be cool to be able to watch clips from all of their fights pulled from all of the current seasons neatly organized within the bios.


The main difference from the co-op, Vs and RPG stories is that the RPG is the total package so to speak or rather the complete story experience where as the co-op and vs campaigns are brief action packed scenarios derived from the RPG version of the story. However they are all just cliche anime stories definitely original IP but more emphasis on lore, and deposition and mostly designed and crafted as compelling, dynamic backdrops for your customizable cast of anime characters to play thru.

It would be an obvious business decision to create a mutual relationship with Viz media to not only offer their content thru the game as if it was a distribution platform but also as a partner who should help out with penning some or most of the stories and dialog and also draw some or most of the art work and art style to the game content as well

Last but not least keep in mind that this idea was originally conceived for the consoles but I can see it being a huge hit on the iphone if it was taken seriously as a gaming platform

I consult with the 7 sages
11-28-2009, 06:52 PM
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Working Title: animasupa (real title should have some cool sounding japanese word)

Game Modes:

-dojo -- create customize and manage as many anime characters as you want everything from design of their look (hair style body type and clothes) to class/stats/loadouts fighting style
that effects gameplay to personality/voice overs both english and jap ect (lots and lots of content expanded by DLC of course) this can be itemized for monetization and free for subscribers

-campaign mode: 4 anime worlds/short stories where up to 4 players can join and play thru a linear story driven campaign co-operatively
online plus local co-op and system link these play just like L4D but with lots of different variations
not just different enemy item placement the story will actually differ from one session to the next
depending on what the players do. also more campaigns should be avaiable via DLC. it will definitely have more deposition and story
with manga covers being cool splash screen and anime credits complete with music and animations at the end with cut scenes scattered thru the campaign

-vs mode: 2D fighter & 3D fighter

-world mode -- MMO style more details below

The controls/combat system:

No Stance

A -- jump double jump
B -- Grab (pick up objects/loot, grab ledges when you jump or used break your fall right before you hit the ground)
X -- dash, grapple once you gain that ability hold X then aim with left joystick and release X to go grapple/teleport there
Y -- speak and interact

Joy Sticks

Holding Left Stick In (L3) first person release to go back to 3rd person
Holding Right Stick In (R3) shows the way like in Dead space to an objective or waypoint
R3/L3 act differently when in stance

Hold Right trigger for Attack Stance -- when in attack stance

A - tap to lunge or charge towards and enemy hold and release to teleport behind or beside an enemy
B - Strong Attacks tap to use in combos or hold then release to use a very strong attack
X - quick Attacks tap to use in combos or hold and release to use a very strong attack
Y - switch or toggle between attack modes (it will allow for looping combos, toggles thru 2 different kinds of attacks for both quick and strong should be a combo multiplyer)
L3 - toggle lock on/of by tapping in the left joystick

Hold Left Trigger for Gaurd Stance -- when in gaurd stance you automatically block any attack from any direction unless your performing one of the following actions that become available in this stance

A - dodges rolls flips somersaults
B - parry/counter attack must press button right before the enemy hits you if your timing is off you will take damage or your gaurd will be broken meaning you will not block
X - charges/meditates (with anything equiped doesnt matter) you have MP or chakara or KI whatever its going to be called that depletes as you use magic
Y - hold to display context sensitive information like the health of your enemy illuminate enemy by a color to represent their level or power
R3 - switch targets by holding down the right joystick then use the left joystick to selects enemies

D-Pad Toggle thru 4 different load outs

you can equip:

-bare hands fighting styles taijutsu, karate allowing you to disarm an opponent when you parry
-weapons (swords, knives staffs, bows guns ect) each with their own unique combos and toggles
-magic style (each with their own unique combos)
-Items (equip ninja items)

R1/R2 Seamless Menus

R1 Health Management (more info below)
R2 Hotkey management ( Hold L1 to bring up menu, move up and down with right joystick move left and right with left joystick to toggle between different categories

health management (hold R1)

- X quick heal (fast animation only heals 10-15%)
- B full heal longer animation fully heals your character
- A revive (must be near dead player and character needs to have the ability, sometimes it takes more then one character)
- Y set up camp if applicable

setting up a camp (for MMO)

*you can only set up a camp if there is no enemies nearby*

reasons for setting up a camp:

- need to camp in order to eat/sleep (food is provide you dont have to collect it) but you have to camp every now and then when you get hungry/tired
however it will not effect vitality as in you will not take damage or die from starvation only your character will not level up unless you camp

- multiple players can camp at the same time


-during camp you can voice/text chat with other players, you can view their gamerprofile add them as friends or invite other people to play

-there will also be inns of course

Start Main Menu
Select (tap to toggle zoomed in radar/map hold to pull up the map to set waypoints)

Vs Mode

-2D fighting a very robust 2D fighter on par with the new street fighter in terms of graphics controls (in fact the controls will be very different then the 3D and online multiplayer
-3D fighting is comprised of the combat system described above for both the campaign and world modes this sub mode will allow quick matches on small maps optimized for pvp battles

World Mode -- MMO

pvp in arenas only (there will be one in each town/city game basically you can access the vs mode from within the MMO world
without having to leave it

loot drops are generated randomly and arbitrarily the only the thing you lose when you die is half of your gold
to prevent losing lots of gold there will be banks to deposit money in

respawns -- when you die you respawn in the closest village

huge world and i mean HUGE

theres an epic story line and lots of lore

World will have two modes:

1) server
2) lobby

The server mode will be the normal MMO online servers capable of facilitating thousands of players online in the same world where all of the changes are hosted in the clouds

lobby is a host/client relationship where you can join and/or create lobbies
and lobby leaders/hosts can change some settings of the world and you can search for specific criteria, and you can play this mode offline as a single player game.

Magic and/or Long Range Attacks

-In order to use magic you must equip a magic technigue
-each character you create has an affinity to a specific magic style you can select what the magic style is but once you create the character the style can not be changed
-however your character can learn many different technigues of that magic style that can be equiped
-each tecnique has two different modes that can be toggled with Y and both an attack and defensive stance
-magic is determined by MP or rather KI or chakcra whatever its going to be called which you can charge by meditating or replinish by camping
-quick attack for magic moves and combos
-strong attack for strong magic moves
-combination of quick and strong for even more powerful magic combos
-with Y being able to loop or switch between 2 different modes

Long Range attacks

-in order to use a long range attack you must equip a long range weapon
-they work just like melee weapons with their own combos and modes to switch with Y

Gaurd Breaks

-since its sooo easy to block with a gaurd stance there will of course be gaurd breaks
-combos will break a gaurd and can not be parried only canceled with a parry if the timing is right
-charged attacks will break a gaurd
-when your gaurd breaks you have to release the stance then redo the stance again to regain gaurd back


- Its important to note that the campaigns and the MMO story will be completely different no similarities whatsoever
- the MMO story will have a climax or an ending plenty of cutscenes but mostly text only voice over during cutscenese
- the story ends but the game doesnt you can continue playing after the end
- the campagins will be extended by DLC and sequeal retail launch
-the MMO story will be extended via sequal retail launch

Using Items

In this game health requires no items, maybe some MP for full health and/or revive but no items and you can heal, revive as much as you want.
the items that can be used will be equipable items each with their own unique combos and dual modes and can be used during attack or guard stance


-smoke bombs
-poison bombs
-ninja shuireken


-combat only summons
-combat capable vehicles
-vehicle only summons

combat summons and combat capable vehicles will each have their own combos and stances

I consult with the 7 sages
11-28-2009, 07:21 PM
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no RPG mode no story mode just:

1) dojo
2) campaign
3) World

I mapped the controls to a console controller because i think this should release on a console first and foremost but whats interesting is.....

-XBLA games that you can download and play thru with your anime characters
-PSN games that you can download and play thru wih your anime characters
-iphone games that you can download and play thru with your anime characters


-lots of Dojo content and I mean LOTS of content push thru DLCs

-Arcade games for XBLA, PSN, iPhone, PsP go ect

-retail versions come packed with new content for the MMO and campaigns

I consult with the 7 sages