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iPhone: Picnic Poker - now available at the App Store

07-12-2008, 12:10 AM
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Picnic Poker - now available at the App Store

It's a great day with so many cool new apps and games coming out on the App Store. I have great news! As of today, Picnic Poker is available on the App Store - I found out only last night at 7pm that it had been approved.

Here is the direct link...

Here's the Sea Lion Games description of Picnic Poker...

Picnic Poker is a new Poker inspired Puzzle Arcade game for iPhone and iPod Touch. Sweep a path to pick your hand using iPhone's revolutionary Multi-Touch input display. Gain achievements, practice and your rewards will increase. Use the in-game help to remember your poker hands and pause the game. It's easy to pick up, but the amount of time to pick each hand reduces as each achievement is unlocked so you have to get faster at identifying connected poker hands that beat the house. Picnic Poker is a whole lot of fun. It sells for $4.99 at the App Store.

Here are some Game Play Screenshots...

Here is the Game Play Video (as posted in a preview article on touchArcade)...

Youtube link | Pop Up

I hope you get a chance to check out the game. If you do check it out, drop by the forums at Sea Lion Games!

And btw, thanks very much to touchArcade for posting preview articles of both iPhone App Store launch games from Sea Lion Games, Picnic Poker and Fingertip Sports Air Hockey.


Paul at Sea Lion Games, Inc.

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07-12-2008, 02:38 AM
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congrats on the launch. I'll be sure to check it out.


07-12-2008, 05:52 AM
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Thanks - and 'how to play Picnic Poker' for anyone interested...


Also, someone just asked me how the game was played after they watched the video, so I thought I'd better write up a little document about that. I'll go ahead and paste it in this post in case anyone else is wondering. Maybe it will help people tell if they might like the game.

So here's a quick description of how Picnic Poker is played...

First, the dealer's hand is dealt in the top row, followed by the play table in the bottom section of 6 rows. Sweeping across the cards in one continuous motion the player selects which 5 cards make up their hand. Since the cards are face up, the challenge is in picking a winning hand within the time limit. If the player fails to make a selection of 5 cards within the time limit the dealer wins the hand. If the player selects a hand of 5 cards, the player's and dealer's hands are compared. If the player wins, one point is awarded to the score along with the bet to the bank. If the dealer wins, the player loses one life, along with their bet. The game is over when the player loses either all of their lives or all of their money.

At higher levels, the time limit is short enough that even evaluating the dealer's hand along with the time required to select a hand can make the game pretty challenging. One ends up monitoring the play table of available cards, and trying to keep track of possible opportunities for various hand combinations that the dealer might have and the table might be dealt.

Also, the dealing of the play table varies so that sometimes the player must be creative with the few cards that are left. Hands are not guaranteed to be winnable, so managing the availability of some value in the play table by not using up all of the resources is another strategy used when playing higher levels of the game. For instance, if 4 aces appear and the dealer only has a pair of kings, then employing this strategy one would only use a pair of the aces in their hand and leave the other 2 aces on the play table.

At various scores, the player wins achievements represented by various types of fruit up until the highest achievement, hence the name, Picnic Poker, sort of a picnic of achievements. When achievements are reached, the level of difficulty increases because the time limit to pick a hand is decreased. It becomes progressively more challenging as the player achieves higher levels. It feels pretty rewarding reaching the achievements. An additional block of lives are awarded when achievements are reached. This gives the player an additional chance to continue. The goals of the game are to finish with the highest achievement based on score and finish the game with the most money.

Thanks again!

Paul at Sea Lion Games, Inc.

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Originally Posted by rmd View Post
Congrats on bumping a thread that's nearly a year old with absolutely nothing useful to add. Not too mention, the developer has been absent from this website since February.

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Originally Posted by VoodooVyper View Post
Congrats on bumping a thread that's nearly a year old with absolutely nothing useful to add. Not too mention, the developer has been absent from this website since February.
becareful vyper you'll get an infraction for that. like i did.........

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04-02-2011, 03:51 AM
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Hey thanks for the information. I am new here and new to this as well. iam mostly looking for authentic casino games where i can practice lots of stuff. This seems to be something like this.
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looks fun - not available in the US store?