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Balloonz! - Action/Arcade Shooter from PixelCUBE Studios

11-22-2009, 05:21 PM
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Balloonz! - Action/Arcade Shooter from PixelCUBE Studios

Hey everyone, today we are going to tell you about our upcoming action/arcade shooter called Balloonz! This entire post is based on CURRENT progress with the game. Many things will change before it's submitted.

The game revolves around you tapping a certain number of balloons before the time runs out. By popping the required number of balloonz, you complete the level. The game will have 10 levels for the first release (unconfirmed), and there will be power-ups and special items/balloonz. We will also make a "darts" system, so each tap counts as 1 dart and you can shake to reload your darts.

Remember that Balloonz is still in development, so there WILL be changes! Please give us feedback/criticism and let us know what you want to see. Do you have a power-up or item idea? Feature idea? or anything else? If you help us in this development stage, we will send you a promo code when the game is released!

We want to launch Balloonz for the holiday season, which gives us about 2 weeks to finish up. And yes, Balloonz will have OpenFeint!

Note: To people who are wondering, these screenshots are just from level 1. Each level has different colour Balloonz (each balloon behaves differently). The background colour currently starts off light blue, and gradually fades to grey as your time reaches 0. We are thinking of changing this to keep it light blue at all times and adding an option for "Monochrome" mode.

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11-22-2009, 08:10 PM
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