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From the makers of Blocks Drop 2 comes another hit collection of games! This fun-filled pack includes addicting and classic games such as Ice Cream, Battleship, and Connect 4. Kids of all ages will love the colorful graphics of the best rated tic tac toe game available, and all the cute and cuddly animal pictures and sound effects for our Memory game. Games such as tic tac toe, connect 4, and checkers come with 3 adjustable difficulty levels so even the younger kids will have a chance to win, or be challenging enough for an adult. Have more fun by playing against another person on the same device. Get this amazing collection of 8 games now, and easily access all these kids and board games with one click of your finger.

********* G A M E S *** I N C L U D E D ********

ICE CREAM - Catch all the falling ice cream scoops before they hit the ground! Can you reach the top and see who is causing all this mayhem?! The most popular game enjoyed by kids of all ages. Includes addicting gameplay, bonus multipliers, tons of neat effects, and colorful ice cream characters that will bring a smile to your face. :)

TIC TAC TOE - With a colorful jungle background, and cute hippos and monkeys that replace the X and O's, this game is sure to be loved by kids for the playful graphics and zany animal sounds when they make a move.

FOUR - Recreate the experience of your childhood by playing this game on the go. Sneak a quick game anytime without having to bring the actual board and pieces. Includes realistic looking pieces and sound effects that bring the halycon days of yore back.

SHIPS - Another recreation of this classic game, but upgrades the experience to the digital age with satisfying explosions and sound effects! Hear the sound of water splashing when you miss. Revel in your success as the enemy ship sinks in a sound of frothy bubbleness. Intricate details in the ship graphics add to the nostalgic feeling.

MEMORY - The classic card game that challenges your memory skills. Includes colorful graphics and lots of animal characters to help kids learn while they're having fun! Includes sound effects for all the animals. With 3 board sizes to choose from, this game is perfect for interacting with a touch screen.

BRICKBREAKER - Who doesn't like to let off a little steam and destroy some bricks? There's over 20 unique levels to conquer.

CHECKERS - King me! Includes a richly textured wooden board, and finely detailed pieces that bring a level of refinement to this game. Beat the computer or play against another person on the same device.

PONG -The game that started it all. Play 2 players on the same device with a cartoon ball that makes funny faces and bounces around the screen.

Coming Soon:
- Multiplayer via Bluetooth/WIFI
- More special effects for Battleship
- More options for Battleship

BlueSolarSoftware's comments:

Enjoy this classic collection of games for grade school kids.
Avoid the clutter of having many games on the main screen.
One simple click to access all these games.


********** 8 G A M E S *** I N C L U D E D **********

ICE CREAM - Catch the falling ice cream scoops.

TIC TAC TOE - Monkeys and hippos replace the X's and O's.

FOUR - Connect four pieces in a row to win.

SHIPS - Find the enemy ships before they sink your fleet.

BRICKBREAKER - Over 20 unique levels to conquer.

CHECKERS - Capture all your opponent's pieces.

PONG - Play 2 players on the same device.

MEMORY - 3 different board sizes. 20 fun cards to match.

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This was great to have on my phone over Thanksgiving. Dinner always comes later than expected and the kids get antsy.