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iPhone: Parallel Kingdom - Age of Emergence is out (and its free!)

11-25-2009, 01:50 PM
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Parallel Kingdom - Age of Emergence is out (and its free!)

Your favorite free location-based MMORPG, Parallel Kingdom, just released a new version called Age of Emergence. It's available for free in the iTunes App Store and Android Market.

In the new version you can:
- Build over a dozen different buildings
- Found entire cities and watch them grow as other players join

- Explore and conquer 4 different types of dungeons
- Claim land and grow your kingdom by building flags and houses
- Socialize and chat in 12 unique global chatrooms
- Easily visit other players around the world
- Trade safely with others using Trade Posts in each city
- Master 9 skills with 27 unique abilities like Troll Lore, Weapon Smithing, and Archery

Check out the trailer here:

Here's the website:

Also, I'm one of the developers so if you have any questions or feedback, I'll be checking back to read and respond. Thanks and enjoy!

Looking for a fun, location-based, free MMORPG? Play Parallel Kingdom. Do it now. It's free. There's no reason not to.

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11-25-2009, 01:53 PM
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Youtube link | Pop Up

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11-25-2009, 01:53 PM
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ya beat me too it, lol

Originally Posted by sizzlakalonji View Post
I don't want to alarm anyone, but I just played this, felt a tingle, rushed to the bathroom, and urinated rainbows and glitter.
Originally Posted by sammysin View Post
Yesss, I'm off for a leak to see if the same happens for me.
11-25-2009, 02:00 PM
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I dl'd today. Gonna check it out. Just what I need, another time waster. haha!

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11-25-2009, 02:05 PM
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Loved the 2nd age, rediscovered all my other apps when I couldn't play 3rd age due to Apple.

3rd age has a lot more too it, some things look a lot better, making the old graphics stick out a bit. (And my house, it looks like crap now, like it's a broken old shack or something - but I see no option to repair it...)

Somehow I liked the simplicity of the 2nd age. That and you didn't have to buy food.

Also the game appears to be significantly slower now, but gives me less network errors. It does crash a lot more on me though.

Any other impressions? Real Racing Fan? I know you're on there...

EDIT: Oh yeah - be sure to read the guide first, as all info links in the game now just brows the web instead of giving you a quick bit of info, don't waste your time/food reading...

Originally Posted by NickFalk View Post

Worst idea ever!
11-27-2009, 08:31 PM
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I FREAKING love this game! Trust me. Bought $30 of food and now have a +22 dagger and a +22 shield.

Originally Posted by gunxsword View Post
If you check this guy's post records you see:
1. Has interests in RPG games in general and: 2. Trolls iPads & PSP 3. Abusive use of the word 'dumb' and its variants
11-27-2009, 09:21 PM
Love this game! 4.9/5 stars!

Originally Posted by zoo View Post
Something along the lines of "You have bought 10 hats! A new hat is available for purchase in the store". But no hat.

Edit: I realize I am overly concerned about this hat.
11-27-2009, 11:02 PM
Everytime i go to make an account it says unable to find my location, location required to make a character do you know how i could fix this
11-27-2009, 11:05 PM
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i'm not really into disembodied heads wielding weapons o.O

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11-28-2009, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by steezybreezy View Post
Everytime i go to make an account it says unable to find my location, location required to make a character do you know how i could fix this
mine does the same thing, and i REALLY wanna play this game. Im guessing that the 1st gen ipod doesnt have location services. Is that correct? does anyone know?