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App description: Stunt City Racer is "An Incredible 3D Stunt Racing Experience!"

Stunts, Speed & Awesome-ness! Stunt City Racer delivers with it's incredible 3D stunts, tracks, graphics & music!

Remember when 3D racing games first appeared in the arcades and all the serious gamers couldn't believe their senses? Well it seems since then most racing games have ignored the fun of driving through cities of Loop-D-Loops, Barrel-Rolls & High-Jumps... Stunt City Racer doesn't!

City after City of fun new obstacles & stunts to master will keep you entertained as you try to beat the clock to all the stars you need to collect!

Awesome physics, incredible vehicle control & neck-breaking speeds will thrill you! We know you'll love this game!

Tilt forward to floor it & tap for brakes. If you roll your car or get it stuck somewhere, tap with 2 fingers to bail yourself out. (3 Finger tap to pause).

Compatible with ALL iPhone & iPod Touch Models.
12-05-2009, 03:00 AM
Joined: Mar 2009
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now $.99 Anyone tried this? I know the graphics look like a coloring book but the game could be fun potentially.