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iPhone: Control light with "Galactic FX" by WebArtisan.com.au | 10 FREE Promo codes

11-27-2009, 02:12 AM
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Control light with "Galactic FX" by WebArtisan.com.au | 10 FREE Promo codes

Hi all!

WebArtisan.com.au recently launched our latest creation entitled "Galactic FX" on the iTunes app store!

To celebrate our launch, we'd like to give away 10 x promo codes for all those interested in checking it out, as we'd love to see some ratings & reviews etc. of the app on the iTunes apps store.

Make sure you spend some time playing with the app, so you get used to the 24 unique controllers available (touch the "?" mark to enable interactive help mode, to explain each controller if you need more info). Galactic FX is very much a doodling app that still even surprises us when we create light brushes we haven't seen before!

Galactic FX turned out to be a real labour of love and something we're very proud of. It had quite a long development time to get this app properly conceptualised, implemented & polished to something we hope people find a rewarding and unique creative experience, both visually & audio wise.

3GS & the latest gen iPod owners get an enhanced experience with 3 times the particle count and other effects that are CPU intensive.

Please find the free codes and other information about Galactic FX below.

Thanks guys for checking out Galactic FX!

For all those who missed out on the FREE codes... but wanted to check it out, Galactix FX is currently 50% OFF (so only $0.99usd) for thanksgiving and through the weekend.

If you do like the app, please remember chuck a review up on iTunes... that would be just fantastic and greatly appreciated

Hope you like it... plz enjoy and have a great holiday weekend!

WebArtisan Apps
Website: http://www.WebArtisan.com.au

PS. We also have other apps on sale... just search for "WebArtisan" in iTunes.

Free Promo codes (US store only) :


WebSite Link (includes a promo video & screens):


iTunes Link:


Promo Description:

Galactic FX lets you create your own pocket universe experience by giving you the power to control & manipulate light using only your fingertips.

Be amazed by the awe-inspiring visuals you can produce, showing off the incredible real-time graphics of your iPhone/iPod touch.

Paint & smear light particles by touch, generating anything from incredible; star burst effects, glowing nebulas, molten suns, plasma vortexes, black holes, swirling comet trails, static charges, anti-matter swells, meteor showers, pulsating auras, super nova explosions & fire balls completely customizable to any color, shape & size that you desire.

Simple to use, yet with over a billion possible combinations, you have the power to control light bounded only by your imagination.

A two finger touch opens an ingenious interactive HUD (head-up display) interface exposing 24 x real-time controllers that you can intuitively adjust by touch to produce anything from subtle to radically different results.

Control the speed of light & the size of the photon particles. Introduce black holes by creating gravitational force effects such as whirlpools & twists. Alter the color, spray angle & light spread. Apply gravity so that your light particles flows towards the tilt direction of your iPhone/iPod touch... and more.

Galactic FX is not a game but a journey into visual self discovery… a way to expand your creativity, relax or just pass some time. Adjust & experiment with various light particle settings to experience the endless possibilities.

Save up to 50 of your favorite light brush experiments in your personal library, so you can re-load your creations at any time.

Galactic FX comes complete with the default "Galactic" theme pack. Each theme pack contains 4 x unique themes each with their own unique expansive universe, inspiring soundtrack and 3 x preset light brushes that are fully manipulatable.

With Galactic FX, a fascinating journey into light experimentation awaits you.

■ Visually manipulate light in real-time with 24 intuitive & simple to use controllers.
■ Experience incredible real-time graphics & 25 minutes of inspiring music.
■ Control light particles gravitational forces (whirlpool & twisting), particle color, size, light speed, spray angle & spread, emission rate, vertical & horizontal light spread, light blending & enable accelerometer based gravity plus more.
■ Includes the default "Galactic" theme pack, containing 4 exclusive themes; "Ultraviolet Void", "Plasma Core", "Phosphorus Delta" & “Electro-Static”.
■ Each theme has a unique & inspiring soundtrack along with 3 preset light brushes,
■ Create & save up to 50 of your own personal light brushes.
■ 15 x interchangeable light brush shapes to radically alter the look of your light creations.
■ HUD (head-up display) overlays for intuitive and simple 1 finger adjustments.
■ Interactive HELP mode to explain each control tool.
■ Listen to your own music (in-app music is automatically disabled whenever your iPod is playing).
■ Enhanced graphical experience on the iPhone 3GS and latest iPod touch with 3 times the particle count and additional FX.
■ Professionally translated into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish & Japanese.



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11-27-2009, 02:17 AM
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look great

got code MH9FKK3XYK3F
11-27-2009, 02:17 AM
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Smuggled AXXRT6YMWK4A.


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