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Help with downloading apps

11-30-2009, 04:10 PM
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Help with downloading apps

I already made a thread just like this, but I searched for it and it's not listed under the threads created by me... Well, I was wondering what problems I would have if I did the following:

My friend can't buy apps (he can only download free ones) and I was wondering if there would be any problem if I did the following: If I went on his iPod Touch, logged out of his Chinese appstore account, logged into mine, and purchased an app I already downloaded on mine. Then I would log out of my account on his iPod.

If I did that would there be any problem whatsoever? Would I have to pay for the app again? Would both the app on his iPod and my iPhone work? Would either of us have problems syncing? Would he have any access to my account? I think there must be an issue otherwise a person would only have to download an app once and then you can give it to all of your friends for free.

Thanks in advance.
11-30-2009, 04:15 PM
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From Mindjuice's piracy topic:

Apple’s distribution policy allows users to install your app or game on up to 5 iDevices of their choice from a single paid copy! I received a support email recently from a player indicating that his entire family has our game, Charmed, installed on their 5 iDevices.
I don't know the specifics cause I haven't done it, but it sure seems like an option.

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