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Anger of stick-an intense stick fighter

12-01-2009, 04:10 PM
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Anger of stick-an intense stick fighter

AngerOfStick by J-Park
Price: $0.99
Lite: AngerOfStick-lite
Played On: iPod touch 2g

Countless stick fighting games have spawned on the Internet. Many of them were much loved by the players due to the surreal gore, the intense fighting gameplay, or the awesome fighting moves. Prime examples of well-made stick fighting games are Dynasty Street, electricman 2HS and the rage series.

It was therefore inevitable that at some time, stick fighting games would come to the idevices. And they did. Arguably, the most well known stick fighting game in the appstore is stick fu. It was a well made game with sharp controls and many qualities of a good stick fighting game. However, many other good stick fighters have come onto the appstore and have more or less just been completely unnoticed. Angerofstick is one of them.

Made by the not so well known indie dev, Junghyun Park (aka j-park), Angerofstick is an extremely addictive stick fighter. It has slick visuals, sharp sound effects, a wide range of enemies, and awesome fighting moves.

The controls really stand out quite a lot, due to this simple reason. Itís tilt controlled. Surprisingly, this works quite well! The game does not give the function to calibrate the tilt controls, but this is justified by the fact that the dev got the calibration right on! You tilt slightly to advance slowly, and tilt a bit more to run. I find this control method quite effective, and despite the fact there are tilt controls, I never find I have to tilt the screen so much I have to turn my head to get a good view. The control method sometimes can sometimes feel imprecise, especially when several enemies start to attack, and you need to turn many times to attack them all around you.

The visuals and animations were really impressive as well. When the player attacks by tapping the attack button several times, the character automatically starts to do a cool looking combo, sending the opposition back. I really loved the animation of the attacks, as they are very fluid. Every different weapon had different animations, and the multiple enemies all had at least a minor difference in fighting style.

I found the sound effects for this game really good, with coherent sounds when you punch the stuffing out of other stickmen (or vice versa) and also different sounds with different guns/melee weapons. However, the game lacks background music! This problem is easily solved with the fact that you can play your own music, although it is still a bit of an annoyance that the game doesnít have itís own personalised soundtrack.

Overall, I found this game was very enjoyable and is a great pick up and play game, as well as an intense stick fighter game. With a choice of 6 weapons (and more coming soon) and a wide range of enemies to kill, I find this is a solid title to buy and would strongly recommend this to all those looking for a solid, full featured stick fighter as well as those just looking for a game to pass some time on.

Here are my ratings

Graphics- 4/5
Sound- 3.5/5
Fun factor- 4.5/5
Value- 5/5

Overall rating- 4.5/5

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