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App description: Solve a jigsaw of light by blending colors and combining geometric shapes, in a cerebral challenge that's as relaxing as it is addictive. Chromixa is a unique and highly stylized puzzle title, guaranteed to satisfy, challenge and beguile in equal measure.

Beginning life as a digital art project, Chromixa is the enchanting result of designer Simon Watsons fascination with light. Inspired by noted artists such as James Clar and James Turrell, Chromixas first incarnation was a real life installation built from 100s of red, green and blue LEDs, a micro-controller, plexiglass, and one very creative brain.

With the concept of physically interactive light mixing at its core, Chromixa has gone through many evolutions, reaching its zenith as an exciting new puzzle genre on the App Store. The simplicity of blending primary colours and fitting tangram-style geometric shapes together offers a uniquely stimulating and addictive interactive experience.

Arrange colored shapes of light to complete beautifully designed puzzles. Primary colors of red, green and blue are rotated, positioned and overlaid to create new tones as shapes overlap. Like a jigsaw of light, your goal is to arrange the shapes to fill an outline with a single color.

Completing puzzles unlocks fun arcade-style mini games, each with its own unique take on color mixing. Like all good puzzle titles, Chromixa is built upon a simple yet endlessly expandable concept, that unfurls to create progressively discerning challenges that are fun, beautiful and offer pleasing mental agility exercises for all ages.

"So ingeniously simple it's hard to understand why it wasn't thought of until now." - PocketGamer.co.uk (http://tiny.cc/Chromixa1)

"One of the most exciting puzzle games Ive played this year." - TouchReviews.net (http://tiny.cc/Chromixa2)

"The game is so simple its hard to convey its gameplay with much excitement, but rest assured its tantamount to digital heroin. Chromixa is undoubtedly the best iPhone game youre not currently playing." - MobileChoiceUK.com (http://tiny.cc/Chromixa3)

"A unique and very nice puzzle game." - TouchArcade.com (http://tiny.cc/Chromixa4)

"The gameplay is really smooth and its a pleasure with the ease of controls. All the factors combined make it an excellent game, and I would highly recommended it to anyone who is looking for a refreshing puzzle game." - iPhoneFootprint.com (http://tiny.cc/Chromixa5)

"Chromixa is a great brainteaser yet quite simple and even relaxing, especially if you turn up the volume and listen to the soothing soundtrack. Puzzle game enthusiasts will rejoice." - MacWorld.com (http://tiny.cc/Chromixa6)

70 classic puzzles
4 arcade-style mini games to unlock and play
Online leaderboards and achievements
Compete for high scores and fastest times
Animated introduction tutorial
Simple one finger controls
Original music soundtrack by Stian Stark
Solve puzzles in any order, with no time limit
Play your own music
Chromixa is OpenFeint Enabled

Website: http://www.chromixa.com/
Trailer: http://tiny.cc/ChromixaTrailer

Chromixa offers fathomless depths of intelligent gameplay that will challenge and surprise even the most experienced puzzle gamer, while still delivering a relaxing, artistic and escapist experience that anyone can enjoy.

siwatson's comments:

12-04-2009, 07:18 PM
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This game looks pretty good, I will TOFTT in a minute.

12-04-2009, 07:42 PM
Joined: Oct 2009
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Chromixa is a very unique puzzle game. You start with a shape with a color outlining the shape. Then, there are little shapes that have to mix in color in order to make the color of the outlined larger shape. It may sound confusing at first, but this game is far from confusing. Once you start playing, you see that the color blending comes naturally. There is even an Introduction once you open up the application. The introduction shows you exactly how to play the game and what to expect while you play. You can always go back to the introduction for reference as you progress through the game. There are different levels of difficulty throughout the game which are Easy, Medium, and Hard. Easy contains 18 levels. Medium contains 18 levels. Hard contains 12 levels. Once you complete a level, a checkmark appears next to the level. There is a level selection menu and a resume button once you exit the game. Besides puzzle mode, there are 3 mini games. The first mini game is unlocked, but the rest have to be unlocked. Overall, Chromixa is a very relaxing game with calming music. I would rate is 5 stars since I cannot find anything wrong with the game. I would definetly give it a try!

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12-04-2009, 07:42 PM
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12-04-2009, 07:54 PM
Joined: Feb 2009
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Game Impressions

It starts out with a tutorial video to explain what the game is about. Various variety of given blocks will have to be placed in outline shapes in such a way as to combine and produce an end shape the same color as the outline. It feels like a jigsaw puzzle, instead of pictures you are putting and arranging blocks so they make a single color objective.

You can easily rotate and drag-and-drop shapes.

The screenshots look basic, but as I'm playing it, I think it's effective and good.

It is very clever. The game doesn't always give you primary colors to put together, or only basic shapes. They can be any shape and any kind of secondary colors as well.

I think puzzle fans will be happy with this.
12-05-2009, 12:26 AM
Joined: May 2009
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completely agree with you...
12-05-2009, 06:00 AM
Cool, been waiting for this after following it on another thread. Will def download and check it out...
12-05-2009, 09:05 AM
Joined: Nov 2009
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Thanks for checking my game out. It's great to know others appreciate its uniqueness and are enjoying it.

I'd be interested to hear suggestions for improvements and how you're finding the difficulty.

The easy puzzles are intended to get you up to speed with the gameplay, gradually introducing more colours and shapes. The medium ones should really make you think and, if you complete a difficult one, let me know!

I'm planning to add more puzzles, minigames, and OpenFeint introduction to compare your score/challenges etc.

12-05-2009, 03:12 PM
Game Impressions

Ok, downloaded this earlier and have been playing with it most of the afternoon. I think it's awesome. Definitely unique. I know what Ravenblack means about the screenshots but, having seen it on my 3G, I love the minimal geometric interface. All the scrolling around is kinda neat. My girlfriend thought some of the puzzles looked like works of art!

It took me an hour to do the easy ones, but I'm half way through medium and things are getting tougher. Every now and then a new puzzle seems a bit easier than the one before but generally I'd say the difficulty curve is good. It's certainly addictive and I'm looking forward to carrying on later.

The controls are simple although on one puzzle there was a thin shape that was hard to select. Nice music, good sounds, haven't really looked at the mini games yet. I skipped through parts of the tutorial (nice touch btw) and didn't have any problems understanding anything. Do you have to complete all the puzzles to unlock all the mini games?

Will give you some more feedback when I've played it a bit more.
12-06-2009, 01:39 PM
Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 41
Hi wheredoibegin, thanks for your initial impressions. You don't have to complete all the puzzles to unlock all the mini games. Easy/Medium/Difficult puzzles give you 100/200/500 points respectively, and the two locked mini games require 1000/2000 points.

So, for example, you can unlock the first one after completing 10 easy puzzles, or unlock both after 6 difficult puzzles.