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App description: Anthro Shooter combines the excitement of a classic arcade shooter with the iPhone's touchscreen interface for a unique gameplay experience. Destroy the creepy crawling bugs before it's too late!


Classic arcade action on a modern, portable platform.

Awesome graphics and high-quality gameplay.

Straightforward layout makes Anthro Shooter easy to learn and fun to play.

User-friendly control panel with sound effects setting.

High Score list saves your scores, allowing you to compete against friends.


Shoot all of the crawling bugs on each level without shooting the arena's shield borders. Each time you shoot the shield borders, you lose a life. Lose 50 lives, and it's GAME OVER! At levels 13 and higher, the bugs will fire back at your gunner, so avoid their shots or lose another life.


Rotate the blue dial to move your gunner around the perimeter of the arena. Press the red button to fire at the bugs. As you clear each level, the bugs crawl faster and become more aggressive. Once you reach level 13, they even begin to fight back!

Anthro Shooter is like an arcade machine in your pocket -- and it's suitable for all ages! Can you conquer all 25 levels?


MAGNIX Games, based in Dallas, Texas, produces high-quality games and applications for portable platforms. Their most recent title is "5 Gutsy Fingers," also available for the iPhone.
12-05-2009, 02:51 PM
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Woa! This looks like fun!