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iPhone: 'Lines of Mania' ($2.99 --> $0.99) on 12-07-2009 only (Central European Time)

12-06-2009, 06:03 PM
'Lines of Mania' ($2.99 --> $0.99) on 12-07-2009 only (Central European Time)

Youtube link | Pop Up

Web: http://www.lines-of-mania.com

Time difference!!!
12-07-2009 UTC +1 (Central European Time):
= UTC -4 (Eastern Standard Time): from 12-06-2009 08:00 PM to 12-07-2009 08:00 PM
= UTC -7 (Pacific Standard Time): from 12-06-2009 15:00 PM to 12-07-2009 15:00 PM
12-06-2009, 08:33 PM
Game Impressions

I purchased the game today and was really pleasantly surprised how fun and challenging it is. I only got through 4 levels so far. When I was a little girl I loved connect-the-dots pictures. So when I saw the screenshots for this game I decided do get it just for the memories. But once I started playing I realized that you actually have to really think ahead. Great change from billions match-3 puzzles floddding app store.
12-07-2009, 01:55 PM
Just a few hours left - so don't wait!

'Lines of Mania' is on 9 in Germany (Games/Strategy)!

The story behind the game: The idea relies on an old game which already our grandparents and parents have played. In our childhood we loved to play this game with paper and pencil too. And now we have developed this game especially for the iPhone and iPod touch. By the way every level was handmade on paper!

If you are tired of shooter or simulation games 'Lines of Mania' will be an exciting change with long-term fun. We are really interested in your opinion and we would like tell or show you more about 'Lines of Mania'. Please reply or write us! Thanks!

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