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App description: "Starball couldnt be better suited to the iPhone, and for that reason deserves a spot on the home screen of any self respecting iGamer."
- 8/10 AppGamer.com

"Superb tilt controls and an insatiable need to better our score have made this game nearly impossible to put down."
- 5/5 AppSmile.com

"If you're looking to trade some pocket change for a few games that you could find yourself spending entirely too much time playing this weekend... Games Worth a Look: 'Starball'"
- touchArcade.com

"Starball - Ten to Watch"
- slidetoPlay.com

"Starball is everything an iPhone game should be fast, fun and addictive."
- 9/10 TheiPhoneAppReview.com

The most addicting game since Doodle Jump - Too many people to count

"Starball is the ultimate "one more time..." game!" - forum post

"...the ultimate crossing game, with labyrinth controls, amazing power-ups, and a little bit of Pac-Man." - forum post

"Definitely one that will earn a permanent spot on my iPod..." - forum post


Starball is an addictively simple pick-up-and-play style game which is fun for all ages and skill levels. Take advantage of our unique and amazingly responsive tilt controls to guide your ball around the play area collecting as many stars as possible.

-- Collect as many Stars as you can!
-- A Hazard is spawned each time a Star is picked up.
-- A random Power-up has a chance to spawn each time a Star is picked up.
-- Touch a Hazard and its game over!!


-- UNLIMITED re-playability
-- OpenFeint leaderboards
-- Addictively simple gameplay makes this game ideal for all ages
-- Custom calibration enables you to tweak the control to your liking
-- 3 Difficulty levels
-- 3 Unique graphic "themes" to play

UPDATE 1.1 Released
- touch anywhere to pause game
- new "Doodle" graphic theme (1st screenshot shown)
- 2 original game music options (more to come)

Palfince's comments:
First update submitted:
- Touch anywhere to pause
- New "Doodle" graphic theme

Next update in approximately 7-10 days to include:
- Original music options
- Achievements in Open Feint
- Additional graphic themes

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12-07-2009, 02:18 PM
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Oh, okay...I guess this answers when is it coming out?

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12-07-2009, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by LordGek View Post
Oh, okay...I guess this answers when is it coming out?
Yes, that’s for sure!


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12-07-2009, 02:29 PM
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Just bought this and played a couple of games and I really like it. The tilt controls feel perfect to me and I love the look of the game. I can tell that this is going to be a very addicting game, especially with the online leaderboards.
12-07-2009, 02:30 PM
Game Impressions

Awesome! Been looking forward to this one.

At first I was concerned that the controls by tilting would be too difficult, but they are pretty smooth.

It definitely has one of those pick up and play Doodle Jump or Flight Control feels.

What you see in the video is what you will get, so if that is your style, this is a winner.

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12-07-2009, 02:34 PM
Thanks Palfince! You beat us to the post...

Update #1 being submitted the week...

-- Misc tweaks
-- Touch anywhere to pause
-- New graphic theme
-- Possibly some original ditties (don't want to rush this though...)

More details throughout the day... Looking forward to reading everyone's impressions.
12-07-2009, 02:34 PM
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Game is awesome. Everybody and anybody who enjoys quick pick up and play games like Doodle Jump, Boost 3D, or Canabalt should get this.

The tilt controls are so perfect, it's really awesome how they managed to do this. Didn't think it was possible to feel so in control when dealing with tilt controls in a game like this.
12-07-2009, 02:36 PM
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Game Impressions

Some impressions from the upcoming thread:

Originally Posted by Prab View Post
QuantumSquid kindly gave me a preview copy of Starball and Im pretty much glued to the game. This game is just so simple, its addictive beyond belief.

Starball plays like the ultimate crossing game with labyrinth controls, amazing powerups and a little bit of pacman. Let me explain:
  • You tilt your device to move the ball like in Labyrinth.
  • You collect stars and the number of stars you collect is your score.
  • As you collect more stars, more obstacles appear.
  • Here's the cool part: although you can move in any direction, obstacles only move vertically or horizontally. As a result, it plays a lot like a crossing game, and things can cross you in 2D: from left, right, front, and back (ultimate huh? )
  • The pacman bit (in my opinion) comes from some of the powerups, i.e. Ball Bomb and Invinciball. Just like in pacman, you spend most of your time avoiding obstacles and collecting stars, but more importantly, also like in pacman, sometimes you get a powerup that allows you to get rid of those irritating pesky little things These two powerups make for a much longer gameplay. When you get Invinciball, there only one thing on your mind: "Its payback time!! ". With less obstacles after your rampage, you can have an easier time getting the stars.

Because it plays like a crossing game, there is no playing this game just once. When I hit an obstacle, I always feel that I could've avoided that obstacle if only I wasn't so reckless (or distracted). This makes Starball a really star addicting game in my books

I just have one feedback: the game needs some music
Originally Posted by skyye06 View Post
My remarks are very similar to Prab so I won't go much into gameplay as he has already mentioned it.

I feel embarrassed to say this but never game the time of day for this thread after looking at the screenshots. QuantumSquid gave me a preview copy claiming this to be "very addictive" and it seems to be a common terminology nowadays in the appstore so of course I didn't believe it. After initial play, I was dead wrong to move on.

The gameplay is addicting, no joke. I don't usually like copying people's words but Prab was dead on it being a mix of labyrinth and pac-man.

It has that "if I did this instead of that I would have never died" factor. I found myself in numerous occasions hating myself for make brash decisions or not making those and going another round to see if I could break my previous score.

I am a controls type of guy and not a fan of accelerometer/tilt type games but the game has some tight controls, so no complaints here.

I really like the use of the power-ups but how many are available? It would be cool to see like in Mario all the power-ups randomizing. By the way, ballbuster is my favorite.

There is one [big] thing that separates this and pacman other than gameplay, which is an icon. While I do enjoy the simplicity of the graphics, there is nothing iconic about the game nor is it much of an eye candy. I know the object of the game is to be simple but I hope they have a good looking screenshots for the appstore as the the graphics do not justify the gameplay.

Sad to hear, or not hear, that music has not been included and really suggest that you should as that is always a negative.

At a 99c initial price(is that right?), I can recommend to anyone who is a bit interested. My biggest complaint is not really the music like Prab but more as the graphics while great in their simplicity, it just doesn't scream "pick me, pick me!"
Originally Posted by Palfince View Post
I also received a preview copy of Starball and I definitely agree with all the comments so far. In my opinion, this game is on par with Doodle Jump for addictiveness. I spent a two hour bus journey just playing Starball, and while tilt controls on a bus aren't a good idea, I did have a lot of fun.

The way the game is put together just seems to work so well. Tilting to move the ball feels natural, and collecting stars is a simple, but often terribly challenging, goal. Once again the balls popping up when you collect stars is fluid and when you lose you'll only ever blame yourself.

The power ups included in the game have definitely been well thought out and there our none others I'd really add. The only things I think that could improve this game are achievements in OpenFeint (because everyone loves them ) and a "pure" mode: this would be like normal mode but without the power ups, resulting in extremely challenging gameplay, perfect for those who are insane!

For 59p/99 I'd definitely recommend this game when it comes out, since it has utterly addictive gameplay and is perfectly suited to the iPhone!
Originally Posted by da shiz wiz 19 View Post
I too got a preview build of starball. It is a very good game. There are other games that have the same concept as starball but starball's polished graphics and gameplay make it head and shoulders above its competition. Obviously everyone knows the controls and how the game works by all the other replys on this thread, so I'm gonna skip that. I felt that the game was very addicting, as promised, and very simple. But the powerups really added to the gameplay and influenced your moves in starball. Although most of the powerups are good, some do have bad parts to them. The shrinking powerup makes you smaller, which helps you dodge balls, but also makes you use more precision to hit the stars. This actually adds to the gameplay.
I noticed that the balls only move in a grid like pathway. Either going horizontal or vertical. That means you can predict where the balls will go and act accordingly. Thiese movement patterns occasionally make "safe spots" in which you can gather your wits in for sometime, but once you collect some more stars, the spawning balls will have a path that cuts through these spots. So you got strategy in there too! I hope that in future updates a hexagonal (or anyother shape with more than 4 sides) map will be added. This would make it even harder because you then have to watch more than two directions and there is truly never a definite "safe spot" in which you can take recluse in.
Overall the game is fantasticly made, and VERY addicting. One of those games that you cant resist taking one more try at. When this comes out I highly recommend it to everyone.
Originally Posted by LordGek View Post
Now having had a chance to see it first hand with it's SMOOTH AS BUTTER tilt controls and animation I ask the following....

I'm taking it as a very intentional design choice to not give the player points for ball busting? I mean Ball Bomb, Ball Buster, and Invinciball are all about allowing you the player to bust some redsters but as the game works currently I get no credit for doing so.

Please though, understand, other than this whine/question, this game is AWESOME and very addictive! One of those incredibly simple concepts that makes for an amazingly addictive game that anybody can get the basics of in seconds but, without some steady hands and nerves of steel, only last a few seconds as well (which is great for quick intense bouts).
Originally Posted by S.I.D. CrAzY View Post
Game is really awesome.

Haven't played it that much yet, but I'm so surprised at how well the accelerometor controls work. They feel so precise.

I would like to see the ability to play your own music though from within the game. You know, pull up your music in the options menu and select the songs you want.

Also I noticed that there's only powerups? I would also like to see some "anti power ups"? Something that actually hurts you instead of helps you. The pause option is not what I'd like it to be either, maybe something like in Boost3D to where you can just touch anywhere on the screen to pause.

Also it doesn't take a very long time to load up at first, however it's not as fast as lets say, Drop7? This isn't a huge deal for me, however I do remember hearing a few folks complain about this in other games.

With a pick up and play title such as this, you really just want to get in and out in a split second.

Similar to Drop7 or even better Meteor Blitz.

Sorry if I'm just repeating what everybody else has been saying, I'm a bit late to the party and I didn't read everybody elses responses so far. Great game you have here though. Defintely one that will earn a permanent spot on my iPod when it comes out.

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12-07-2009, 02:39 PM
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Game Impressions

The game is amazing in its simple elegance.

Incredibly smooth accelerometer controls and simple concept. Grab them stars without getting bumped by the baddy red balls. Once in a while a random power-up will drop which will help you in some wacky way (almost invariably helpful but since you don't know WHICH effect will kick in when you grab it, you need to be ready for anything). As time goes on the red baddy balls will come in faster and in greater numbers making it nearly impossible to avoid unless you're lucky enough to blow a bunch of them up to give you a temporary bit of breathing room.

Each difficulty level has its own highscore board and appear to primarily affect the speed of play as well as how quickly the trouble heats up.

Updates promise:
-- Catchy, original music
-- Achievements!! in OpenFeint
-- New graphic themes
-- New and unique Power-ups!
-- New game board shapes and sizes

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12-07-2009, 02:49 PM
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This one is going to be quite the dilemma for Cranker. He is biased against tilt controls, but is a huge fan of online leaderboards. Which way will he go?