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iPhone: Another Skyline Blade Control Scheme ...

12-07-2009, 11:42 PM
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Another Skyline Blade Control Scheme ...

Skyline Blade has done pretty well on the app store maintaining a Top 100 spot in several categories fairly consistently for nearly a year. As such a sequel is in the works which will positively blow the original away. Of course the original control scheme employed in Blade was a point of contention upon release. Early this past summer about 2 months after the initial release an update was posted which replaced the original control scheme which was hard to communicate with a simpler analog stick and trackball system which was much more arcadey. As the developer I personally hated this control scheme but players "got it" and better reviews flowed in from that change.

Since I did not like the control scheme though I decided that the next heli-sim I programmed would be better, it would be easy to communicate, playable, and more sim-like (definitely using tilt instead of a virtual analog stick). Anyway, this new scheme which I originally developed for another heli-sim is now being put to use in Skyline Blade the original. The new scheme has buttons instead of the trackpad style controls employed in the original but it does go back to using tilt instead of a virtual analog stick. In addition it also employs a new calibrate algorithm which allows for full (and bug-free) 360 degree calibration (you can still calibrate at any time, now by pressing the radar screen).

Anyway, here's a quick peak at the new setup. Also, I'd love to hear any feedback from people who played the game with both of the original schemes and see what the reactions are to the new scheme. The reason for all this of course is that before a sequel is developed I want to completely solidify the control scheme to one fun and elegant solution. Thanks!

A quick breakdown:

Throttle - + keys up top, you can now maintain a certain amount of lift without having to constantly press or tap the screen.

Missiles and Hook are pretty self-explanatory

Camera, just press the center of the screen

Calibrate, press the radar

Pause, press the status bar just like before (it tells you this in the first mission).

Yaw is now obviously controlled by the foot pedals instead of with finger swipes on a trackpad or virtual trackball.

Anyway, I think that about does it. The first person view is now much more functional and I think will be the preferred method of play. Thanks again to everyone who played the game!
12-07-2009, 11:45 PM
can't wait to try out a new control scheme! Will you retro-fit on the original?
12-07-2009, 11:53 PM
Joined: Dec 2008
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Yeah, will be testing it out on the original first.