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App description: Play addictively as the Magnetoid to save the planet from all hurling objects and alien ships by annihilating them. You can collect Trons and convert them into Magnetrons. Magnetrons are powerful objects which can destroy the hurling objects and the alien ships. Therefore, try to collect as many Trons as possible to convert them into Magnetrons.
Test your dexterity and game play to avoid the hurling objects and the alien ships but better still: blast them. Avoid collisions with the hurling objects and alien ships to remain healthy. Also, the Alien ships collect Trons and will shoot at you unless you get them first! Therefore there is no shortage of challenges for you.
Earn points by hitting at the weak point of the Asteroid. You can use the points to buy special capabilities like the Rotational Thruster, the Magnetic Field and the Bombs.
Tap on a Bomb to break the hurling objects (Asteroids, Molecules and Atoms) into tiny objects i.e.Trons! Use the Rotational thruster to rotate the Magnetoid (you!) for a better Aim, and use the Magnetic Field to attract the nearby Trons!
Complete a level to play at the next higher level. Of course the challenges increase with the increasing levels. You will need faster game play to contend with more Asteroids and more Alien ships! Have fun!!

- Use the accelerometer or the touch mode.
- Zero gravity movement of the objects enhances the game play.

->In the Accelerometer mode
1. Use accelerometer to control the Magnetoid.
2. Single tap on the screen to shoot the Asteroids and Alien ships.

->In the Touch mode
1. Touch the screen to control the Magnetoid.
2. Tap on the launcher to shoot the Asteroids and Alien ships.

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12-09-2009, 09:27 AM
Game Impressions

Very much like Rolando. I love this kind of games.
12-09-2009, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Spotlight View Post
Very much like Rolando. I love this kind of games.

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Originally Posted by Prab View Post
I had the same questions too..
12-09-2009, 01:15 PM
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Andrew Whittaker might like to have a word with Octane Technologies.

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