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Crusade Of Destiny Level 1-24 Walkthrough Tmyboy811

12-10-2009, 11:28 PM
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Crusade Of Destiny Level 1-24 Walkthrough Tmyboy811

I recently downloaded this game and found it was amazing! except the controls for movement is kinda making my fingertips weird....
OVERALL SUMMARY AT THE END! (if your lazy too read) You can ask questions if you want, i will try to reply within 1 day.
once upon a time....
at the begining...
when the game start....
here we go!

You start off waking up in front of your house (this is the place you can come back and sleep when you run out of juice (hp/mana)
Let me try to bullet out the storyline:
-Find the Elder (he will give you permission to the trainer) His in one of the nearby houses when you start off
-go outside and find the trainer (his near the bind stone) he will then give you a sword
For the first few level you will be fighting lowbie monsters around the newbie area:
-Level1-5 Rats, Bear, Insect(forgot what their names were)
After that, you will be asked by the red haired little guy standing right beside the blacksmith to find her sister (i'd say you should bother until your around level 8. her sister is in a mazed cave)

basically the grinding theory that i developed is totally different than other RPG, in this crusade of destiny, you fight monsters that are 1-3 levels below (instead of higher). You basically get pwned easily if you try to fight a monster above your level, plus the regeneration rate is TOOOO slow, not worth the time and cost.

Back to topic
-i fought the beetles/bears all the way up to level 9, then i went into the cave to save the red haired dude's sister (got lost in the cave for about 10-15 minutes)

Around this time, you should have enough money to buy yourself a set of cloth armor + sword & shield (the map is quite useful to keep track of where places are but not required)

-After the purchase of your gear, you can then go ahead and try to talk to the queen. The guard on the left should tell you to go back to town and dig into the well (in the middle of the newbie town) to speak with his father

-to find 40 pearls- this quest was a pain in the ass you cannot fight the mermaids in the water, except, you have to dive down, grap the pearl, (you will be attacked) than run as quick as possible to some land area because they won't stop chasing you until you reach the land!
Oh, almost forgot to mention, the most annoying part was there are exactly 40 pearl in the map... so... keep track of where you are! i spent 2 hour doing this part..... if if HP was an issue, you can buy a fishing pole and some worms from the storekeeper to fish at the dock (no far from the store) For me, i was able to run quickly enough the mermaids can't even tough me (thats why i spent 2 hrs doing it cuz i ran all over the place!

-After this quest you can go back and get in the castle to speak with the queen, she will give you a seal and you go to the boss cave (will be locked until you unseal it)

-Spider Boss: Not hard at all at level 13, just kill baby spiders until the boss stick his... "ass?" onto the ground, cast some fire magic on him (he will die quick!) or melee if thats your spec.

-After then, you can move on to a new map Sandstone Desert (the road behind the blacksmith)

-The first quest you will get is to find the storekeeper and the girl's son.
The storekeeper is straight up North on the left side of the border. He will be guarded by some level 17 monster but if you are quick, you can do it at level 1.

-For the girl's son, you probably need to be level 16, since you will enter a cave full of level 14-15 bats...

Here are my strategies for leveling in the desert:
Level Level 12-14 Killing Snakes (Sword Slash Hit for more! Or Fire Magic)
Level Level 14-17 Killing Scorpions (Hilt Bash Hit for more! Or Fire Magic)
Level Level 17-19 Killing Ores (Sword Slash Hit for more! Or Icey Magic)
Level Level 19-22 Killing Stone Elementals (USE Hilt Bash LIGHTNING MAGIC)

-After level 24 (where i am at right now you can go back to the queen get the other seal [ you can get this after level 20] and unseal the cave to kill the stone boss)

-Boss #2- Basically all he does is throw stone elements in waves of three.
after each wave he will pause for like 5 second and thats your chance to target him (the center, around his belly) to cast spells/shoot arrows.

Heres how i did it (with a hp potion sitting in the bag but i didn't need to use it)
Cut it in 2 parts:

Attack: When he pauses cast the lightning spell on him or if you want to be conservative on mana walk him to him and slap his face! Killed him in 4 shots
Defense: When he is throwing rocks at you (these hurts like mad)
***Run around in big circles those things misses easily
this is going to be easier then the first boss... but the hardest part was to back up and get a sight of his belly for targetting (you will get a little aiming icon on his belly if you selected it, otherwise, keep trying)
killed him in like 30 seconds.

OVERALL: Spent all my skill points 1/3 on Melee, 2/3 on Magic

Sorry if i am confusing and pointless... (my first time trying to write a guide or... walkthrough..)

I will keep you all posted for updates maybe... after saturday (FINALS WEEK >.< I AM FXXXED!)

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12-18-2009, 12:12 PM
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thanks mate, but im confused

HI mate thanks for the effort in getting a walkthrough done! but how do get gold to buy my swords etc, i got to level 11 and i met the queen plus i did the goblin cave mission, but i have still got 0g, and what do i do with all those rat tails etc? cheers

12-19-2009, 07:03 AM
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When you go into a shop you can press on your inventory and press on an item. Once you do that you look at the bottom right hand corner and you will see a sell button. You can sell almost everything you have.
12-19-2009, 09:02 AM
I'm surprised people actually play this game.
01-01-2010, 08:24 PM
Nice walkthrough so far. I just got this game for my brand new iPhone and I like it......has an old-school feel to the graphics, which is fine with me. I feel that what makes a game good is the gameplay, not how pretty it looks......plenty of games out there that look great but control like crap, have camera issues, bad storywriting or are just plain boring.
01-01-2010, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Asphyxiation View Post
I'm surprised people actually play this game.
Weirdly, I enjoy this game much more than Ravensword.
01-01-2010, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Kunning View Post
Weirdly, I enjoy this game much more than Ravensword.
That's pushing it but yes it's quite good and full of rpg elements xD.

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01-01-2010, 10:37 PM
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How do you fish? I got a rod and worms...
01-03-2010, 11:01 AM
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go to water town and go to where the 2 fence's are and it says u can fish, its kinda hard caus a green button will apper and one a fish comes u have to tap it otherwise u loose the worm

also how do i get spider skins for the cure quest? i got some in the 1st boss but sold them for like 50g?

and how what level do i get to make my own armor?

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01-13-2010, 12:48 AM
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Where is the goblin cave?

I can't seem to find the goblin cave with the redhead's sister. Its the one you said you got lost in for 15 minutes. Where is it?