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iPhone: The Aid in Choosing Apps Thread

01-13-2009, 09:27 AM
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The Aid in Choosing Apps Thread

As i've been seeing a lot of threads asking for comparisons between different apps, and i would like to ask for advice too, maybe this thread can help compile everything that involves comparing this app to another

i have completely no idea which app to get (only can get one) between:

Brothers In Arms, Edge or Space Ninja.

too bad i only can get one of them due to my limited funds and the recent price drop for BIA is too tempting already.

Anyone have any advice for which app i should get most? i dont mind any of those genres so its not really a matter whether one is shooting and the other is a platformer, i'd always try to pick the most fun (which makes choosing apps VERY HARD)

Thanks in advance
01-13-2009, 09:30 AM
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I'd flip a coin.

Heads - Edge
Tails - Space Ninja

If not that, then find a way to get both as soon as possible. ^ ^

Comparing the two and saying which is better is something I cannot do, both are fantastic and highly recommended.

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01-13-2009, 09:32 AM
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yeah but the problem is not everyone can buy both and be happy haha i would if i could. but i'm seeing whether u guys have any advice that can persuade me to get one over the others
01-13-2009, 09:33 AM
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Only one of the three I have is Edge, and it's great. I'm thinking of getting Space Ninja soon, but I've bought about 15 apps since I got my iTouch at Christmas so I only wanna buy stuff that is really good xD.
01-13-2009, 09:35 AM
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I only have Space Ninja and liked that a LOT. It took me a week to finish, and Im the first one who did that. (Here on the forums nobody was faster, and the developer also isn't aware of anyone that was faster.)
And I put quite some time in it, so the game defenitely is value for your money. It's hard, so expect to be challenged. Read the Space Ninja thread on this forum for some of my videos where I play the final 6 or 7 levels.
There's also an update coming with new levels.

On Edge, I've have the feeling that the opinions are mixed. But I didn't look into it much, so I'm not sure.
[Edit - based on the replies above, please ignore what I just said about Edge. ]

BIA isn't my genre, but the price drop might be a one-time-deal (maybe, maybe not), so if it's your genre and you've been looking at it for a long time, you might want to get it now.

And I like your idea, I hope people post in one thread if they're considering to get one game or the other. I doubt that new members will find the topic unless it is pinned to the top of the forums though. So if one of the mods/admins agrees, it might be an idea to have the topic pinned.

01-13-2009, 09:40 AM
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I have edge, and I personally don't like it too much. I'm not sure why, maybe it's not my kind of game. Now space ninja, that's a fun game. I find myself yelling at my phone when I play because I'm so into it XD

I got Brothers in Arms yesterday evening, and have only had time to play the tutorial, but I'd have to say that it's pretty fun too. Someone on the forums convinced me I should get it, so I did (because of the price drop). So everything seems fine to me so far, I do notice that walking around people is a bit annoying. Other than that it seems really fun, and the helpful-aim thing probably makes things more... Less impossible for me. It's been really fun, but I think that once I finish it I might get bored (if I ever do finish it).

I'd say Space Ninja, just because of the bullet time thing, and how it seems that it's more likely than not to get more levels from space ninja than in BIA. For Edge... I dunno. I didn't like it very much. But it's all just my opinion :P
01-13-2009, 09:42 AM
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haha thanks guys i'm glad i made a thread like this is turning out to be very helpful for me hope it helps other lost souls too.

right now im leaning to space ninja, yep i did watch all your videos before even posting this thread but i'm just afraid i might get bored too quickly of it. but im never sure till i try it haha.

edge is still a bit of a mystery and there is alot of critism BIA has for its controls. i'll probably go watch some edge videos now
01-13-2009, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by spiffyone View Post
The "powers that be" on this site should find a way to bump TC up to senior member for such an outstanding idea.

Yes, all new questions about this or that game vs. this other game should be in one spot, and this is as good a topic as any.

BTW, it really depends on what type of game you're in the market for. Very different types of games. Space Ninja's a blast, but only if you like different types of shmups (in Space Ninja's case, it's more bullet dodger than shooter). Edge is getting good reviews, but some are saying it's rather short. BiA gets good reviews save for the issues with control (I don't really have them, as I use the "dual" control option which, IMHO, works best). And that price drop...who knows if it's permanent?

Personally, I'd go with BiA. The others are good games, but the time scale of the price drop (whether or not it's permanent) plus the fact that, recent update to Asphalt aside, Gameloft is usually on point on this platform, makes it a solid choice. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the more sales they see, the more likely it is for (improved) sequels.
hahah you flatter me. by the way if any of you really need help feel free to help i myself have a ton of apps to have made myself in the sorry broke state that i am today to resort to creating a topic of which game to pick

yeah i actually like shmups, puzzle, shooting, adventure, basically everything so its a really tough choice for me haha. i think all three games will really appeal to me. Its just i need one of them to keep me busy for the time being first so i can raise funds

BIA and Space Ninja looks like they have pretty solid replay values.