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App description: Level System:
- 14 kinds of modern fighter aircrafts.
- 6 different levels.
- each level has one BOSS or two.
- multiple kinds of weather effects.

Skills System (Features):
- auto-fired bullet system.
- straight line of small-sized missiles.
- medium-sized missiles based on auto-tracking system.
- large-sized missiles based on area of effect damage.
- B-52 fleet based on full-screen damage.
- switch the aircraft whenever in the battle.

Role-Playing System (Features):
- provides three different aircrafts for you to choose, the life/speed/skill/damage they had are different value.
- provides six specializes in talent: damage/speed/firing-rate/precision/life/discount.

Touch the enemy to lock it and the missile will be auto launched to kill the enemy.
Shake the iPhone/iPod Touch to move the aircraft.

Application Experience:
Green fields, barren deserts, along with wailing missiles, explosions, thunder and other sound shocking people, there are aircrafts were hit and the details of the flame and debris, etc., which are all portrayed very realistic fine.
Exciting combat and real images of gorgeous, certainly people have a carefree feeling of dripping. People seem to immersive!
Can be regarded as the most gorgeous, most cool-flight shooting game on iPhone & iPod Touch.
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there's now a Lite to try


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I don't want to alarm anyone, but I just played this, felt a tingle, rushed to the bathroom, and urinated rainbows and glitter.
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Yesss, I'm off for a leak to see if the same happens for me.