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App description: When your get away plan turns sour, you might have to unload your full auto UZI on the police, hit the nitrous, and ram straight through their road block. Will you make it to the safehouse alive? Navigate a variety of different vehicles through an urban maze of streets, eluding capture by multiple police cars, collecting your pay-offs, and growing your organization. TrickedOut is a vehicle themed game centered around earning cash the fast way. Put in work to establish your criminal reputation. Light up the police cars in a glorious ball of fire.

Balance when you should ram, shoot, or hit the nitrous (optional) to execute the perfect collection route strategy. Special recruiting missions (in medium and hard mode) or basic money collection missions (in easy mode) unlock more districts when you successfully grow your organization. Take care to not run over potential recruits. Fill up the collections meter and return to the hide-out for a payout bonus. Save cash to upgrade your ride or buy a new one. Finish your collection route, but before going to the safehouse, prowl around for guns and ammo on the street.

Unlock all 20 districts and receive bonus payouts for setting the fastest time, and your on your way to completing your car collection.

Own up to 11 vehicles (which become available as more districts are completed) All Vehicles are patterned after real world vehicles from German, Italian, Japanese, and U.S. manufacturers. Each car has game play characteristics based on real world characteristics for:
- Cost
- Top Speed
- Quarter-mile time
- Quarter mile top speed
- 60-foot time

Optimize your vehicle performance in the Auto Shop with these upgrades
- Nitros Kit
- GPS Map
- Homing Device
- Police Scanner

- drive by style gun battles
- arcade style game mechanics
- vehicle ramming
- criminal statistics
- buy stuff from the app store
- music player
- track your progress with mission info
- virtual steering controls
- portrait and landscape support
- enhanced speed mechanics
- damage states for vehicles
- damage special effects and indicators
- animated full view maps
- nitrous speed enhancements
- vehicle glancing
- cheat code support
- sell cars from the Auto Shop
- easy, medium, and hard modes
- in game menu system for all options

djflippy's comments:

Lite Version : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/trickedfree/id347844874?mt=8
12-19-2009, 06:38 PM
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is this another flight control variant ? or whats the game play

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12-23-2009, 09:32 AM
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12-23-2009, 09:44 AM
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Hmm... looks funny, but a bit weird... instantly turning around 180 wouldn't be possible in reality