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App description: 4/5 - iHappyTouch.com / 'Give it a try...The graphics and animations are good and game mechanics are smooth and easy to learn.' - the Gadgeteer.com / 'Outlaw Games Ltd decided to do things a little different...plenty of obstacles...Arroic is a commendable effort from Outlaw Games Ltd and features plenty of replay value...a bargain! Grab it now' - NinOverTen.com

Original and challenging game play and puzzles, from fun easy levels through to mind boggling crazy courses that could leave you bamboozled!

Complete puzzles in various ways that suit your skills:
- Draw arrows to direct your ball to collide with as many coins as possible for points galore.
- Plot the fastest path to collect time trophies and increase your score.
- Use the environment to your advantage and reach the goal using fewer arrows for points and prowess.

Unlock content and achievements
- 61 Exciting and engaging levels to unlock, complete and replay in many ways**
- 124 Trophies to collect
- 35 Fun and challenging achievements*
- 6 Additional balls, each offering an alternative experience to every level*

Be the best at every level and share your results with the world
- Achieve the top score
- Get the best time
- Compare and compete on the online leader boards*
- Track local and global scores*
- Show off achievements and scores on Facebook and Twitter*
- Create your own gamer profile*
- Compete directly with friends

*Available only in full version
**61 Levels in full version, 6 in lite version

- Social gaming elements developed with Agon created by Aptocore: http://agon-online.com -

freedog's comments:

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12-19-2009, 07:29 PM
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This looks really great. Anyone try it?

12-19-2009, 08:04 PM
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My question, as always, while I see the levels are clearly very hand crafted, are the locations of the collectibles/power-ups randomized at all from play to play?

Tim "Lord Gek" Jordan, Game Consultant
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12-20-2009, 08:02 AM
Collectible Randomisation

Originally Posted by LordGek View Post
My question, as always, while I see the levels are clearly very hand crafted, are the locations of the collectibles/power-ups randomized at all from play to play?
At the moment they are not but, with version 1.2, we're hoping to put in some randomisation

We've already submitted 1.1 with some extra bits a pieces so look out for that too!
12-20-2009, 08:13 AM
Lite Version on it's way

We do also have a free Lite version submitted which should be out soon.

Will include most of the community elements too but obviously stripped down content-wise from the full version.
12-22-2009, 06:57 AM
Game Impressions

Looks quite sweet, I can imagine the spinning wheels levels being pretty crazy to play.
02-13-2010, 05:23 PM
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Full version according to app description (updated one hour ago) "now on sale for FREE" for the first time.


Other short thread here at tA:

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02-13-2010, 05:28 PM
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Any other impressions ?
02-13-2010, 06:37 PM
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Game Impressions

A Little Labyrinth, Impressively Accelerated

Once again, something new and very interesting in terms of puzzles and skills. This attractively designed game is deeper than it might look at first glance. Even if the following sounds a bit complicated you can start immediately (actually in the very first menu screen without choosing anything from it to get a feeling for the ball physics), it's just easy to handle.


Simply show the ball it's way to the hole by drawing several arrows. Collect coins on the way. Important: The longer the arrow the faster it will roll, it represents some kind of acceleration lane. The counter top left indicates how many arrows (three in first level) can still be used. Additional challenge: You are working against the time (for scoring; time won't run out as far as I could experience).

To put the ball in motion after having neatly arranged arrows press the virtual bright orange "GO" button. If the ball misses its target use "RESET" to start again—or shake the console gently to trigger a random movement of the ball (three "shakes" possible per round, a special counter will show up briefly; nice option). Important hint too: Clear the last drawn (eventually misplaced) arrow(s) by tapping on the arrow's counter (repeatedly if you want to delete more than one arrow).


My solution for level 1 so far. The player should make heavy use of bank shots (rebounding)—here three times touched between the first (golden) and second (silver) coin and some more touches later (I know video would be great); this tactic is displayed very well in the third help files screenshot (attached at the bottom of this posting) and I tried to display the ball's way with white arrows:

Okay, missed one coin, should have placed the third arrow with a lower angle probably. Complete other solutions may be very well possible—I'll try that once more for sure.


Here the very fast display of in-game scores for the example above, worldwide rank #6 for the time being (to watch international live scores you need to fire up Agon via main menu, not shown here):

Extensive statistical analysis between the levels—at least here we can see how sophisticated and well thought out this simple-looking game is. Very comprising equipped.

Online scores by brand Agon work fine so far (tested on WiFi). Once I forgot to submit after completing a level and could not submit them later, so keep that in mind. [Edit (one day later): In the meantime I've submitted 30 or 40 scores and once the game quitted unexpectedly on that, but the score didn't get lost and showed up next time.] TONS of Awards. To reach the higher ranks you should be really fast! More race feeling than all other line-drawers as far as I know. [In the meantime I could make 269.024 points @ level 1 (12 seconds) and 424.800 @ l2 (4 seconds, in words: four). Time is very important for high scores.]


The really very neat & fine stereo (use headphones or power amplification) game effects sound like a hyper modern souped-up classic arcade machine—I love that! Enjoy that top-notch (but not overloaded) sounds! I am dying for that "new high score" trophy sound! Motivating.

Further Gameplay & Replay Value

The more demanding levels are stuffed with always new elements (according to the App Store screenshots) and will be unlocked after successful completion of the preceding, as well as the ball's material (wood, baseball…) and it's physical characteristics (according to help files, not tested yet) may be modified during the game! I played Arroic just a couple of minutes (completed the first practice round and improved it much once)—can't wait to pick it up again after finishing this first game impressions article and improve again my highscores.

Manual, Speed & Graphics

Well made, clear & short instructions especially for experienced touchArcade members with precious tips and scores descriptions under "How To Play – Advanced" (please have a look at some example screenshots below). Proper physics. Nice fantasy simulator. Runs perfectly smooth and stable on my antique iPh3G. Quick level retry, all those score counting, submitting and menu things run very fast. Beautiful graphics and animations.


Update of the game with randomly generated levels announced! Maybe not so easy (if you want really high scores)—but highly recommended! Great touchscreen puzzle requiring a very special and new kind of strategy, tactics and combinations, a feeling for the ball and sometimes even a little bit of luck. Molto divertimento! It doesn't happen often that I am getting that excited for a little game.

Get it if you love orbs and puzzles, precision and road markings!

Edit: Well—played for some more time, left my review @ Austrian App Store and gave 5 stars to epic & heroic Arroic without any hesitation. Precious contribution to the App Store—I would pay gratefully five Eurobucks and even more.

Further Information

Have some more screenshots of help files with tips, when you've seen them you'll be an Arroic expert:

Little wishlist: Replay option like on TV, save your best runs not only as scores but visually (you will be really proud of it, guaranteed) and watch them later or share them with community. Thx in advance. Thanks for freebie!

Edit: Made first place at level six! Nice world animation @ Agon website:

Developer's site: Arroic Mini Site by Outlaw Games (I am not affiliated but would like to see updates and can't await playing Arroic on iPad).

Hurry up! Handpicked & Time-Limited App Store FREEbies & Sales
(Blog German-language; but you'll find all links, pics, and videos.)

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02-15-2010, 06:52 AM
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Just wanted to bump it up so that nobody misses the sale. Don't let it slip under your radar. A really fun game with a new concept. Enjoy this nice and challenging mixture of a navigation system (no joke ), labyrinth, harbour master and bankshot.

Hurry up! Handpicked & Time-Limited App Store FREEbies & Sales
(Blog German-language; but you'll find all links, pics, and videos.)

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