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App description: If you played dodge-ball in space with your life on the line, you'd understand a day in the life of Rocket Monkey. He's tough, occasionally funny and he's about to become space dust.

Rocket Monkey is back and faster than ever. He's got an energy shield and 3D warp drive pickups to help him venture deeper into space.

As always, Rocket Monkey offers fast, adrenaline paced fun by allowing you to control an "all business" monkey as he flies through space. Do you have what it takes to avoid the challenges ahead and go far?


- Lifelike Animation and Killer Graphics
- Unbelievable Gameplay - Improved Controls
- Fusion Landscape
- Slightly Different Game Every Time for Unlimited Fun
- A Most Serious Monkey
- Online Leader Boards - Compete Against Other Pilots Worldwide
- Top Scores Within App
- Distance Tracking
- Steadily Increasing Difficulty
- Incredible Music - NEW SONG
- Openfeint Enabled
- Quality, Quality, Quality
- Addictive and Terribly Fun Game of Skill

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12-20-2009, 10:57 AM
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About Rocket Monkey Warped

Dear Rocket Monkey players, Touch Arcade readers, and anyone else. We created Rocket Monkey Warped with a few things in mind.

1. Give Rocket Monkey a shield, and a warp drive, prepare him for a space flight like no other. We also decided to enhance the backgrounds, add new music, SFX, dramatically improve the character animation, graphics and more.

2. Take in all feedback from the original Rocket Monkey to improve the genre even more, push the limit on the iPhone and Touch and have fun.

For those curious about new app vs upgrade: We released Rocket Monkey warped as a separate app instead of an upgrade to the original because the gameplay changes so much. The original is still impossibly difficult to master and we wanted to preserve the purity of that game while radically evolving it in a new direction. We felt that each game has it's own challenges.

Rocket Monkey Warped is fast and insane, has some interesting surprises and the 3D monkey is more lifelike than ever. I'd urge you to go far.
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