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App description: iBailout!!, the viciously satirical, new-school, action arcade bonanza, is not only the world's single greatest game about the Federal Reserve, but a most loving and innovative Ms. Pac-Man homage too.

This game is difficult to put down.
-Girl Gamers UK

Who knew a game involving the Fed, corporate greed, and frightened citizens could be so enjoyable?
-Just Another iPhone Blog

iBailout!! amounts to one hilariously entertaining package. This satirical version of Pac-Man is an original twist on the much-loved arcade game.
-Gaming Nexus

A great game mocking todays political and economic toil, sure to brighten up the faces of angry citizens and gamers alike. Its time to eat money, run from angry mobs, declare martial law, and 'bailout!!'
-Gamer Syndrome


Our swipe controls are sweet: You can swipe anywhere on the screen to move the Fed, not just on the road or the Feds current path (easier when using your index finger too). Also, you can swipe ahead of time and itll store that move until exactly the right time to execute it, so youre able to input very quick maneuvers and navigate multiple abrupt corners with ease. Cool, huh?


Lost your job? The house? He/She/It left you and took the kids/dog/HDTV? Still got a card on file with iTunes? Well then, turn that frown upside down, because we've got just the ticket to cure what ails ya, right here: iBailout!!.

Now, you're not the one whose savings vanish right before their eyes and whose home slips right out from under their a$$you're the Fed and it's time for you to get yours!

You might think: Me? Take money from the American people? Get rich off the backs of loyal citizens and taxpayers? Nah... not me!

Ok, I know. It just doesn't seem kosher. Why should you profit at your fellow Americans' expense? I'll tell you why: Screw them! Are you going to sit around like a bum and feel sorry for yourself? Or are you going to get out there and suck these chumps dry until there's nothing left, but cracked sidewalks and crack houses?!

Well... All right! Let's do it! Yes, we can!

Now you're talking! Welcome to the club! The Fed is ravenously hungry, standing by and awaiting your orders.

Have fun!!

$ Fun new twist on the classic Ms. Pac-Man formula!! Enemy mobs work like snakes that grow depending upon how much money you eat and, if you cut them in half while on a martial law/power-up run, they'll form two completely separate enemy mobs, adding an entirely new tactical layer of depth and strategy to the classic arcade experience!!

$ Welcome to the new-school!! iBailout!! represents a brand new school of thought on the traditional arcade experience and, through a liberal 1-UP bonus system and bailout bonus rounds ('cause you're too awesome to fail), we deliver a game that's accessible to everyone, yet still rewards those old-school, practiced arcade skills!!

$ All the iPhone arcade essentials are here!! We've got online global leaderboards, ultra-responsive swipe controls (with tilt as an option), some downright brilliant enemy A.I. and 10+ unique level maps offering infinite challenge and replayability!!

$ A fun, mature game for fun, mature people!! iBailout!! isn't just another pretty face; its vicious satire of the Federal Reserve, in the seemingly innocent form of a Ms. Pac-Man homage, offers the sort of real and meaningful gaming experience that you just can't get anywhere else--on your iPhone, or off!!

iBailout!!: A great deal, while supplies last!!*

*Offer void in North Korea, Somali pirate havens, and Federal Reserve branch offices.

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MEE's comments:

iBailout!!, our new-school, action arcade bonanza (where players assume the role of the Federal Reservereally, truly), developed by us (Marroni Electronic Entertainment & NightIrion) being published by the fine folks at Hands-On Mobile, and 2010 IGF Mobile entrant is now live on the App Store. Please, please, please peoplewith unhealthy amounts of sugar on topbuy iBailout!! today.

I mean, jeez! It's Christmas folks. If we can't show any love now, then when can we? What would Tiny Tim do? I'll tell you, people.

He'd click the link, while the clickin's good:


Too much thanks.


iBailout!! Trailer of Great & Mysterious Powaaaaa of Unknown Reckoning!!!!!111111111111:



Nominate iBailout!! for the 2009 Best App Ever Awards, Best Arcade Game:



It's Christmas. Tiny Tim wouldn't only click the link and get himself a copy and enjoy the business out of iBailout!!, he'd drop a review on iTunes and spread the good cheer right in this here thread.


Merry Christmas and "God bless us, every one!"


If I knew how to be any more shameless in plugging iBailout!! and how awesome, cool, and unique and how uniquely cool and awesome it is, then believe me folks, I would. I do my best, though.
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Thanks for the hook up

Hey. Thanks a lot for hooking up the nice and proper announcement. I looked in FAQs, Googled and tried some stuff, but didn't see how to embed the trailer and foolishly didn't think to include some screens.

I really hope you'll take a look at this game. We spent a lot of time on it (four months+ of full-time development, with work stretching all the way from my initial concepting in March, right up through the fall and have endured a decently epic, 10 week+, layover in Apple App Store approval process purgatory).

We went through numerous builds and iterations until we got it just right--exactly 76 builds over the course of development, I believe--and have packed it with a great deal of polish and executed my original vision far better than I even initially hoped for.

iBailout!! isn't a clone, retread, or like any other game on the iPhone today. It's obviously inspired (with intentional homage in our presentation and mechanics) of certain arcade classics, but it's an entirely new beast that you just won't be able to find anywhere else--on the App Store or off.

We really think iBailout!! is pushing the limit in the kinds of topics games can cover and explore with our overt theme of the Federal Reserve and current political events and, beyond that, we really think it's a very, very fun, engaging, and deep game that will give you something to feel good about right from the get go, but will only become even more and more rewarding as you get to know it and appreciate its style of new-school arcade action.

Thanks, all, and, really, please, please, please check it out and share your thoughts here and on the App Store. We're really looking forward to seeing just how far you'll all help us take iBailout!! and all of our current and future stuff--we simply won't be able to do it without you all. Much thanks.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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Hey, all.

I asked earlier in the thread if you could nominate iBailout!! for Best Arcade Game for the 2009 Best App Ever Awards. I've just written up a post on why I think you should. Please check it out and we'd really very much appreciate a nomination:



And, guys, I couldn't be anymore serious about what I wrote in the previous post. I can't say enough how much it would be appreciated if you could check iBailout!! out and give us a shot. We know that there's a billion iPhone games out there, but iBailout!! really is something very special.

Please just give it some objective play and share your honest thoughts with the rest of the community.

You know:

How did you like it? How was the design? Pre-rendered 3D art? Sound and music? Did you like the homage to the classics or thought it wasn't so cool? Is iBailout!! something new and does it feel fresh or not so much? Was the theme interesting? What did you think about iBailout!!'s politics and its portrayal and critique of the Federal Reserve and its impact on society? Do you wholeheartedly agree with it? Does it offend you? Was I crazy for using martial law as a power-up? Was I foolish for using a game to explore that kind of material or did you think it was really cool? Is it fun?

Seriously, guys, iBailout!! won't bite and we really do think you'll all be very glad that you gave it a chance.

Bottom line:

Will no one dare give iBailout!! the old Touch Arcade TOFTT try?



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iBailout!! Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Hey, all.

Here's a list of gameplay tips to further facilitate a smooth and enjoyable iBailout!!. These were taken from the iBailout!! reviewer's guide and I'm just about to send these off to the publisher to update the App Store description with, but wanted to share them with everyone at Touch Arcade right now.

Tips & Tricks

$ Feel free to swipe or tilt in advance and the Fed will store that move until the time comes for him to execute it--this makes it a lot easier and removes any worries on timing your movement.

$ Every mob crushed after the initial two will earn players a bonus 1-UP, with no limit except that they must all be eaten in a single assault rifle power-up runjust listen to the increasingly louder chimes to know whether you're on your way or not.

$ After $5,000,000,000,000.00 are eaten an 1-UP is awarded, with additional 1-UPs awarded for every $2,500,000,000,000.00 eaten thereafter.

$ The bonus items generate randomly and range in value from $100,000,000,000.00 to $500,000,000,000.00, with the gold bar being the most valuable.

$ Every twenty golden parachutes will earn you an 1-UP on the bailout level, with an additional bonus 1-UP awarded for clearing the stage of every single parachute, for a possible total of seven 1-UPs.

$ Keep in mind that every time you split the mob, you've just created another problem for yourself and sometimes it pays to think more strategically rather than simply charging full speed ahead.

$ In later levels, be very particular about when you grab an assault rifle power-up, as there will be so many mobs on your tail that getting caught at a vulnerable moment won't work out so well.

Happy iBailout!!'n New Year, everybody.
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iBailout!! NOMINATED for Best Arcade Game!! It's CONTEST time!!

It's a celebration, people.

iBailout!! has been nominated for Best Arcade Game in the 2009 Best App Ever Awards. Thanks to all who voted for us and, even if you didn't vote to nominate us, your support is more important now than ever and your vote, right now, will be most, most appreciated.

Please vote for iBailout!! for Best Arcade Game now:

Please check our site for the whole story:

iBailout!! - The Fed - Hungry

But, on to why you, Touch Arcaders, are present in this here iBailout!! thread in the first place: The Contest. Or, The EPIC Weeklong (or so (weeklong's really a word)) iBailout!! Contest of EPIC Weeklong (or so) iBailout!! Proportions CONTEST!! Contest!!

So, here's the deal. We're giving away 5, count 'em, 1,2,3,4,7,5, awesome and most desirable iBailout!! Promo Codes of Ultimate Digital Entertainment Pleasure (or, at least, decently sought after iBailout!! Promo Codes of a Pretty Damn Good iPhone'n' Time & Most Solid New-School Arcade Experience).

We'll be announcing the complete official rules this Tuesday, January 5th at 10 AM EST and holding the first of 5 daily iBailout!! promo code giveaways at that time. After the 5 daily promo code giveaways are past, that's when the real fun will start and we'll commence with the Festivus iBailout!! Feats of Strength!! To help build the suspense, we'll be keeping the details of the iBailout!! Feats of Strength and the prizes to be won secret for now, but, don't worry, the time to prove yourselves is soon to come.

Wrapping up, like I said, we'll announce the first promo code giveaway and how to properly enter on Tuesday, January 5th at 10 AM EST, but, for those that are looking to get a head start, there's a couple things that you can do right now to give yourselves a little bit of a Tim Langdell:

Follow us on Twitter:
(And, trust us, it's only the tastiest of Kool-Aids for our followers.

Become fans of us on Facebook:
(We've just gotten things going on Facebook and, we promise, we'll get rid of the garbage dump of numbers at the end once you guys help us hit 25 fans.)

Vote for iBailout!! for Best Arcade Game for the 2009 Best App Ever Awards:

Finally, after you've followed us on Twitter, then you can retweet to your followers one or both of the following tweets from @marronigames:

#iBailout!! NOMINATED for Best Arcade Game...

EPIC #iBailout!! promo code CONTEST...

NOTE: To qualify, you must retweet from the @marronigames account, not just copy and paste the tweets and tweet to your followers directly.

iBailout!! - The Fed - Hungrier

Each one of these actions will earn you an additional entry in the daily iBailout!! promo code (a.k.a. the awesome and most desirable iBailout!! Promo Codes of Ultimate Digital Entertainment Pleasure (or, at least, decently sought after iBailout!! Promo Codes of a Pretty Damn Good iPhone'n' Time & Most Solid New-School Arcade Experience) giveaway and will increase your odds accordingly and give you that much more of a big, fat, sloppy Tim Langdell. For example, if you follow both of us on Twitter, become fans on all 3 Facebook pages, retweet both @marronigames tweets, and vote for iBailout!! for Best Arcade Game, you'd earn yourself 8 bonus entries in whichever day's promo code giveaway you enter. Also, if you get a friend to do any of the above too, but they don't want to enter directly into the contest themselves, then that's perfectly cool for you to get the bonus entries that they would have.

Obviously, there's no real way for us to verify that you've voted for iBailout!! for Best Arcade Game, but, since it doesn't require any sort of registration whatsoever and really only requires you to click this one link, we're hoping nobody here will actually be lazy/scummy enough to lie about something that's as simple and easy as one click--in fact, why don't you all just vote right now and get it over with already?--and we'll all be relying on the honor system (you Touch Arcaders do have honor, don't you?) for that portion of the contest. Honor system in mind, though, we're not suckers and if you're claiming that you've gotten a friend to vote for iBailout!! for Best Arcade Game, then you'll also have to get them to become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter too, so we can verify that this 'friend' of yours doesn't exist solely inside your sick, twisted, polluted minds--no need to get upset; just being honest, friends.

And, most importantly, to get the credit for all these bonus entries, you just need to enter what actions you've taken and how many bonus entries you've earned in this thread and then PM the details (i.e., Facebook name, Twitter ID, your friend's info, etc.) of those actions to me so we can verify that you've actually done them. Finally, to use those bonus entries, you'll still need to enter the contest with your main entry, how to do which will be revealed, right in this here Touch Arcade iBailout!! thread, when we kick this EPIC CONTEST off this Tuesday, January 5th at 10 AM EST.

And, that's that. (Sorry for being so long winded with that rules business; just want to make things clear. There's nothing sadder than seeing a fanboy weep, you know?)

iBailout!! - The Fed - Just Ate You & Your Entire Extended Family (Grandma & Grandpa Included) for Dinner

In the earlier posts above in this thread, we've given plenty of reasons on why everyone here at Touch Arcade should care about iBailout!! and why our new-school, action arcade bonanza (where players assume the role of the Federal Reservereally, truly) is really, really cool and definitely worthy and deserving of your very valuable and limited leisure/game time. Now, we're just giving you all here at Touch Arcade a chance to try iBailout!!'s unique brand of new-school action arcade bonanzain' (that may or may not be a real word) risk free. Isn't that just plain swell of us?

So, here's some final links for you all, before we go and get this thing rolling:

iLikeCereal!! - Tastier than ever:
The iLikeCereal!! Trailer of Uncanny Powers & Persuasions Beyond Mortal Ken:
The Official iLikeCereal!! Touch Arcade Thread of Majestic Bewilderment & Uncanny Delights:

iBailout!! - Nominated for Best Arcade Game:
iBailout!!'s Awesome Trailer (of Great and Mysterious Power of Unknown Reckoning):
The good word, direct from our site:

At long last, let's get this show on the road. Please feel free to get a head start on those bonus entries for the first day's iBailout!! promo code giveaway by posting in this thread the actions you've taken and then, everyone, please join us this Tuesday, January 5th at 10 AM EST when we announce the first giveaway and how to enter.

Happy iBailout!!'n New Year, everybody.


We pretty much know exactly what kind of contest we're going to be running here with iBailout!! and it's awesome promo codes, but, you Touch Arcaders must be pretty used to this contest thing by now, so, if anyone has any ideas on what kind of promo code contest they'd like to see, please share your ideas in the thread. We're looking forward to promptly ignoring them. I kid, I kid. We'll read them first and then we'll ignore them. Thanks, guys.
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got you followed and retweeted

Originally Posted by sizzlakalonji View Post
I don't want to alarm anyone, but I just played this, felt a tingle, rushed to the bathroom, and urinated rainbows and glitter.
Originally Posted by sammysin View Post
Yesss, I'm off for a leak to see if the same happens for me.
01-04-2010, 09:26 PM
iBailout! is one of the most addictive games ever!!! Caution: While Playing iBailout! keep your iphone/touch connected to the charger, you be S.O.L. with a dead battery.

Cop this fa sho!
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Aight - iBailout!! Promo Code Giveaway #1 - The Question

All right, folks. I'm a little bit late here, fashionably, I hope, but here's the very first promo code contest question(s).

How it works is, I'm going to ask two questions: (1) About the theme of iBailout!! (i.e., the Federal Reserve, and such) & (2) About the the actual gameplay of iBailout!! (i.e., the actual gameplay of iBailout!!--just to make things extra, extra clear).

The answers to the first question will be revealed with a simple Googlin' and the answers to the second, iBailout!! gameplay-specific questions, are all contained somewhere within this thread (unless, of course, we've made some kind of lazy-ass mistake and forgot that they aren't (I'm sure, at least, that the answer to the first one is here, though)).

And, we're going to go easy on you all for the very first question(s). Here they be:


What is the Federal Reserve and how did it come about?


Who do you play as in iBailout!! (pretty damn obvious, this question) and what exactly are you trying to eat all of in each level (also, pretty damn obvious)?

You can be as detailed or as brief as you like in answering, just as long as it's accurate. PM your answer to me and then leave a note in this thread saying that you've sent me your answer.

Answering those two questions earns you one entry in the The Contest (or, The EPIC Weeklong (or so (weeklong's really a word)) iBailout!! Contest of EPIC Weeklong (or so) iBailout!! Proportions CONTEST!! Contest!!) for iBailout!! Promo Codes of Ultimate Digital Entertainment Pleasure (or, at least, decently sought after iBailout!! Promo Codes of a Pretty Damn Good iPhone'n' Time & Most Solid New-School Arcade Experience)--got it?

As we've said, if you're lookin' for a little bit of a Tim Langdell in this contest, though, just follow us on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, hook up some retweets, and/or vote for iBailout!! for Best Arcade Game (details in my post above, with the rest of the official rules) and you've earned yourself additional entries for whatever day's promo code giveaway you enter.

On Wednesday, January 6th, at 10 AM EST, we'll put your names (times however many entries you've earned) in the Cat in the Hat--or maybe just in a hat--and then draw one lucky winner and announce it in this thread.

Even if you don't win, if your entry/answers to the question are entertaining or educational enough, we'll post it in the thread when we announce the winner and it'll earn you an extra bonus entry for the next days promo code giveaway.

Thanks, all, we're lookin' forward to hooking you all up with the splendor that is iBailout!! and can't wait to educate you rabble on the Federal Reserve (this most important of national and, yes, even global of subjects) and hearing what you all have to say about our (hopefully, you'll agree) great new-school action arcade bonanza.

Oh, and to get a bonus entry right now, why don't you just click the link below and hook up a vote for iBailout!! for Best Arcade Game in the 2009 Best App Ever Awards.

Thanks, people. It's most appreciated.

Good night, and good iBailout!!'n luck.

Vote for iBailout!! for Best Arcade Game in the 2009 Best App Ever Awards:
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pm sent.