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App description: Armor Raiders is a side-scrolling arcade and real-time strategy game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is a re-imagining of classic games such as Rescue Raiders and Armor Alley with superb artwork and more depth of play.

The world is at war against a powerful enemy. You command an elite combat force that must eliminate the enemy threat and restore peace. You'll control a heavily-armed chopper that can fly across the field of battle. Use it to support your ground units as they attempt to complete the primary objective of each of six missions that explode across Africa and Europe.

- Control a chopper with machine guns, bombs and heat-seeking missiles
- 6 unique ground units: tanks, anti-aircraft vehicles, EMP trucks, soldiers, engineers and munitions experts
- 6 missions to complete.
- Weapon upgrades as game progresses
- Beautiful graphics and music
- Game Center integration with leaderboards and achievements

whizzosoftware's comments:
Hi all,

First off, this is a great site... I'm glad I found it!

Second, I wanted to let everyone know that my first iPhone game, Armor Raiders, was just released to the iTunes App Store. It's inspired by the classic games Rescue Raiders and Armor Alley but has many new twists thrown in.

Features include:
  • Control a chopper with machine guns, bombs and heat-seeking missiles
  • 6 unique ground units: tanks, anti-aircraft vehicles, EMP trucks, soldiers, engineers and munitions experts
  • 6 missions to complete
  • Weapon upgrades as game progresses
  • Beautiful graphics and music

I'm not quite sure how people are embedding YouTube videos right in their posting, so I'll just provide a link to the product page and teaser video:


Thanks for reading and I look forward to people's feedback!

Lite Version : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/armor-raiders-lite/id348072454?mt=8
12-28-2009, 05:04 PM
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Weapon upgrades?
ill have to check this game out.

12-28-2009, 05:11 PM
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Nice trailer! Looks really good. I think this will do well!

You should at least provide the iTunes link to buy the app.
12-28-2009, 05:13 PM
gonna check this one out... looks intriguing
12-28-2009, 05:26 PM
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Thanks, guys!

It looks like ImNoSuperMan beat me to adding the links. Thanks for the assist and adding the YouTube video.
12-28-2009, 10:28 PM
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Wow, this looks rather like a re-imagined CHOPPER COMMAND (Activision) for the Atari 2600!! About to purchase and d/l just on principle.
12-28-2009, 10:48 PM
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I like weapon upgrate,like Cartoon Battle
12-29-2009, 02:02 AM
Originally Posted by Fujibayashi View Post
Wow, this looks rather like a re-imagined CHOPPER COMMAND (Activision) for the Atari 2600!! About to purchase and d/l just on principle.
Chopper Command was just Activision's clone of Defender. This game controls much differently and requires a lot more strategy and multitasking.

Rescue Radiers was an old Apple II game by Sir-Tech, the makers of Wizardry, and it's one of my all-time favorites. The design has resurfaced as Armor Alley on old Macs and PCs, as well as the Glory Days series on GBA and Nintendo DS. If you know any of those games, then you know what to expect.

To frame the game within two iPhone titles you might know, take Saucelifter and tack on a "Castle Defense" element, such as in The Wars. The goal is to get an explosives truck into the enemy base, by building a convoy and escorting it with your helicopter. Like Saucelifter/ Choplifter pick up infantry units and then carry them quickly tot he front lines, even dropping them via parachute. There are also engineers that will rebuild defenses as your convoy progresses.

As this is one of my favorite games, I've been extremely critical about new versions that have cropped up over the years, so bear that in mind. Other than Glory Days 2 (which also incorporated gameplay elements from the old game Wings of Fury), the only other modern incarnation I've really enjoyed was Steam Brigade (http://www.pedestrianentertainment.com/)

Another developer tried to bring this design to the iPhone back in August, in a game called Bunker Run. It suffered from weak execution, including clunky UI and controls as well as a mixture of clip art and MS Paint-esque sprites. It hasn't been updated since, unfortunately.

I've been playing the light version of Armor Raiders, and it does some things better than Bunker Run, some worse. My first suggestion is to take Bunker Run's idea (or any Castle Defense game for that matter) and have your build menu available at all times across the bottom of the screen. Multitasking the combat and the RTS aspects of this game was always a challenge...on a keyboard I could build units quickly by pressing the 0-9 keys. Having to bring up a sub-menu, even though it pauses the game, takes me out of the action and too often causes me to take unnecessary damage when I resume.

I'd personally like to see considerably more frames of animation in the helicopter...it feels clunky as there are so few angles of rotation. From a gameplay standpoint, I need to be able to turn downward and upward at a greater angle in order to strafe effectively (again, look at your inspirations). The art overall is a step up from Bunker Run but honestly it's serviceable, not great. Little things can make a huge difference-- the stickman paratroopers stand out like a sore thumb against the much more realistic tanks and helicopters, for instance. Play with the smoke effects so that the particles aren't so uniform in size and position when they're emitted. Ground smoke particles should also grow in size as they decay...they appear to shrink currently. I suppose that may be necessary if you can't also affect their opacity. In that case, don't emit so many particles so they don't overlap so much.

I'm not quite sold on the on screen virtual thumbstick as it covers up a lot of the action, as does the trigger for the machine gun-- it's right in the line of fire when trying to strafe! Though I'm generally not a huge fan of accelerometer-based controls, Saucelifter does an excellent job in what is a nearly identical core gameplay mechanic.

As I said before, I'm a bit of a zealot when it comes to this game so take my critique with a grain of salt. Regardless, I hope you'll keep plugging away to refine the experience. It has a lot of potential.
12-30-2009, 12:01 AM
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Thanks for the detailed feedback, Saucepolicy. I wish you had been one of the beta testers ;-)

I will definitely be taking all of your suggestions seriously and do what I can for the next release.

One thing to note is that only 2 of the 6 missions in Armor Raiders strictly involve getting an EMP truck across the playfield. There are 3 additional unique missions that have a completely different objective and a final, hybrid mission.

Did you try changing the game to use the accelerometer in the preferences? I'm curious if you found that better or worse than the virtual joystick. One thought I've had to improve the virtual joystick is to allow a sudden swipe to change the chopper's facing direction immediately. That should make it easier to turn around quickly.

This is definitely just a 1.0 release and I hope to continue to refine and improve the game. Thanks again for your constructive feedback and let me know if you'd be interested in doing some early testing of the next version.
12-30-2009, 07:26 PM
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The first update is coming along nicely.

Here's what's coming in 1.1 so far:
  • Significantly improved agility and appearance of the chopper -- it's much smoother and more realistic.
  • A new preference to remove the virtual buttons so that you can simply tap to the right of the chopper to fire guns and underneath it to drop bombs.
  • Fixed the issue with smoke and tweaked it's appearance. I think it looks pretty decent now.
  • Flicking the virtual joystick left or right will immediately turn the chopper the other way. Also, the amount of backwards velocity necessary to change it's direction has been reduced. This should make it easier to turn around in battles.
  • A slew of little bug fixes that have been identified since 1.0 was submitted to Apple.
I think these changes address a good amount of the feedback I've received thus far. We're still trying to figure out if we can provide an alternative to unit ordering without impacting screen real estate.

There's still a few more pending changes to 1.1 before it gets into beta tester hands but it should be soon.

Thanks again to all that responded to the thread!