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App description: "I mean killing zombies with a bowling ballgenius. The game is just silly fun and when you throw in zombies, whats not to loveright?" - appadvice.com

* Now at version 1.6! *

So what's there to do for kicks on a Saturday night after the Zombie Apocalypse? Why, go bowling of course. Zombie Bowling. But look out, zombie bowling pins fight back!

Zombie Bowling is like regular bowling... sort of. Instead of normal bowling pins you'll be knocking down the undead. But unlike the type of bowling you may be used to, any zombie pins you don't drop with your bowling ball will come after you, craving to satisfy their hunger for human flesh and brains.

Fear not! In addition to your bowling ball you've also got your trusty side arm. Don't waste any ammo though - you start the game with a limited number of shots, which you choose in your Bravery Setting. You earn additional ammunition as you bowl; one shot for each spare and two shots for each strike.

So armed you are prepared for fun and action in this 3D arcade game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Choose from five engaging bowling environments, including Dawn at the Mall, and arm yourself with one of nine available bowling balls including The Corpse Crusher and The Pink Punisher.

Feeling more like shooting zombies than bowling them down? Then choose Shoot mode and get in some target practice. Hone your aim and see how many waves of zombies you can take out. Get detailed stats on each shooting session to help you improve your skills.

Show off your zombie bowling prowess on the OpenFeint leader board, and earn OpenFeint achievement points for great shooting in Shoot mode! More OpenFeint achievements coming soon.

Zombie Bowling may be the most fun you can have with the walking dead while wearing a bowling shirt.

- Zombies!
- OpenFeint Connectivity
- Play in Bowl or Shoot Mode
- 3D Bowling Environments
- Unique Bowling Balls
- Detailed Statistics in Shoot Mode
- Zombies!

Zombie Bowling plays best on 3rd generation devices.

AtlanticNet, Ltd.'s comments:
iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zombie-bowling/id324473331?mt=8

Website: http://www.atlanticnetltd.com

The 1.5 update includes the following:
OpenFeint Connectivity
Bravery Setting: choose how much ammo you start the game with
New Bowling Environment: "Getting Medieval"
New Bowling Balls: "Tangerine" and "Violet Violence"
Performance Enhancements
Bug Fixes

Coming soon: More OpenFeint Achievements, bowling balls and a new bowling environment - "Tropical Depression"!

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Nice idea you got there... might try it out.

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