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App description: PLEASE NOTE - THIS GAME IS FOR THE IPHONE ONLY. If you purchase this for iPod Touch it will NOT work! Please disregard 1 star reviewers who can't read! Device requirement changes made by Apple are being displayed incorrectly in iTunes!

Innovative Single Player and Mutliplayer shooting game for your iPhone.

Is there a weapon you'd like to terrorise your friends, family or colleagues with? Just email your suggestion to shootonsight@ascsoftware.com.au and we'll look at including it in the next release!

**Real life harmless shooting**

Shoot On Sight is a unique game that lets you virtually shoot any thing you can see, so you won't have to shoot meaningless characters and 3d figures like other games. With several different weapons and wounds you can customize your shots for more fun and creativity.

Shoot your Friends, Relatives, Colleagues, Celebrities and even your Boss. Use your imagination and share it with the world.

**Facebook Connectivity**

Virtual shooting at other people has never been so much fun, with Facebook connectivity you can share your shots with everyone you know.

**Shooting Skirmish** (Multiplayer)

With Shoot On Sight's multiplayer mode you can actually play a real time skirmish game with your friends, family or anyone you like or hate. No more going to far off places and paying heaps of money to play paintball / laser skirmish. Just sync all your iPhones together using bluetooth and start shooting at each others teams.

Perfect to settle an old score (put your shot on facebook)
Perfect to pick up a new War
Facebook connectivity
Realistic Weapons and Filters
Heaps of customizable options
Real Life Weapon sounds
Multiplayer Skirmish mode
Option to shake your iPhone for shooting sounds
Option to save the Shot or discard
And much much more.........

If you have any suggestions or experience any issues with the game please email us at shootonsight@ascsoftware.com.au

hmujtaba's comments:

The Latest shooting sensation Shoot On Sight Pro now out in the App Store.

And best of all it's on a SALE price until the first update.

Like Shooting apps, well shoot with great sounds, weapons and also a Target in Sight. Go around shooting your friends and foes.

Multiplayer mode lets you play the game just like a teamed Skirmish

To celebrate the launch we are giving away Promo Codes for the Pro version. To make it interesting we will give the promo codes one by one. So stay tuned.

To encourage us to give out more Codes, please do write a review on the App Store.

Thanks everyone for reading.

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First promo code


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Originally Posted by hmujtaba View Post
I got this code, Thanks! I am looking forward to playing it.

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Second promo code

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Originally Posted by hmujtaba View Post
That seriously cant be a promo. Is it?
01-05-2010, 04:42 AM
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Ok that was a mistake

Here is the real one

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Another Promo Code coming soon
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promo code

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I'm not sure I understand. Neither the video nor the description explains what this is. A game? A toy? Does it recognize "hits" and tally a score like a sort of digital laser tag or something? Also, didn't someone already try this and it got the boot?

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This has to be a joke. This looks REALLY corny. Would anyone really go out and do this as if it was a paintball game?