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App description: Fight your way through a sprawling 3D, zombie-infested city as four survivors attempt to stop an outbreak of the living dead.
The creation of an antidote depends on the group delivering a sample of the deadly virus to a hospital on the other side of the city. But as the foursomes grim fight for survival continues, it becomes apparent that theres more to the virus than anyone realized. As the group is systematically hunted by the ravenous living dead, they soon discover that these cannibalistic monsters arent as mindless as they look.

Dead Strike is the action-packed horror survival game the iPhone has been waiting for, with a powerful, twisted storyline, a brutal arsenal of weaponry, stunning graphics and more zombies than a BBQ at George Romeros graveside.

Fans of Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, Resident Evil and Silent Hill will devour Dead Strike, brains first!

Version v1.2 gameplay video:



46 levels, packed to bursting with legions of the undead.
Unique abilities for each of the four characters.
Ragdoll Physics!
Listen your music while playing!
Nice and smooth FPS controls type!
Nine different weapons including flamethrower, mini-gun and chainsaw.
Original soundtrack with music and lyrics by Adrien Volpi and Francois Gratecap.
Dynamic lighting, lens flare, mist and dust effects on all iPhone and iPod touch devices.
Featuring true virtual analog stick (slide instead of single touch).
Day and night battles.
Choose a guns blazing action-packed approach or use stealth tactics to stay alive.
Incredible AI allowing the undead to react to sounds and action, while communicating with each other in real time.
Frantic boss battles.
Expansive and detailed 3D world to explore.
Rich, gripping storyline, edited and co-written by Pure Square Go.
Buckets of blood, special effects with sprays and splashes for full-on horror effect.
High scores.

Cheat Codes

How to use cheats:
Activating the cheat once, will toggle it ON.
Activating the cheat again, will toggle it OFF.
Your high scores will not be recorded if any cheat is On. Turn them all Off to get High Scores! All cheats are lower case, beginning your cheat with an 'I' instead of 'i', will not work.

iwhanteverything All Cheats On/Off.
iamfast Run 5x faster.
iamgod Enemies cannot hit you.
iwhanttokill Instant-kill.
idontreload Infinite ammo/no reloads.
iwhantmoney Get 30000000$.
iwhantweapons Get All weapons.
iwhantitems Get All items.
iaminvisible Invisible mode, no one can see you!



tatoforever's comments:

Time to update you with upcoming updates!
Dead Strike v1.2 is in review and it should be there soon.

Gameplay video showing v1.2 ragdoll zombies, new FPS controls and world objective compass:

Youtube link | Pop Up

What this version brings out to table? Here is:

- New improved and ultra smooth FPS controls, yes FPS controls!
Strafe, walk/run-and-shoot, crosshair (aim any direction)!

- Play with your own music! If no music detected the default game music will play on.
- Ragdollz physics!!! Recommended on iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G (32/64GB).
- Ragdoll mode on/off. In case you are running an old iDevice you can turn ragdoll physics off if you wish.
- Bullet time drink. (Blast your zombies and watch them fly physically realistic in slow-motion!).
- Characters and zombies difficulty/progression balance.
- Overall game difficulty changed (according to the new FPS controls).
- On street random crash fixed (caused by a reference exception).
- Spelling error found on a game texture ("closed road").
- Street items rotates on the Y axis and are now bigger/visible.
- World-objective compass.

- Next version 1.5:
- Survival mode.
- New levels.
- Sub-missions, rescue survivors, get virus samples.
- New melee weapons (bats/knifes).
- New melee actions (push/showe) enemies.
- Blood improvement (realistic blood splatters).
- More bosses and zombies!
- Auto-Save anywhere/anytime/OnCellCall.
- A.I improvements (zombies even crazier!).
- More stealth improvement ( be able to crouch to act more stealthy ).
- Font improvements (make them more readable).

Dead Strike version 1.0.7 in stores now:

Features adds/fixes:
- Game balance and difficulty updated, easier now (gameplay mechanics, game difficulty).
- Eva character now features the easiest mode (game difficulty).
- Sam character now features the normal mode (game difficulty).
- Bob character now features the hard mode (game difficulty).
- John character now features the harder mode (game difficulty).
- Character speed change, they are now even faster (gameplay mechanics, game difficulty).
- Zombies don't spawn so-frequently on buildings windows anymore, increasing the stealth mode (gameplay mechanics, game difficulty).
- Rising the game Stealth mode (gameplay mechanics, game difficulty):
- Reaching the end-of-level, gives you an extra 5000$.
- Reaching the end-of-level without any damage, gives you an extra 15000$.
- John character is now even stealthier (gameplay mechanics, game difficulty).
- Reaching the end-of-level with John, gives you an extra 10000$.
- Reaching the end-of-level with John without any damage, gives you an extra 30000$.
- Shadows artifacts z-fighting bug, fixed.
- Smaller zombies size, they are now a normal 5-6 foot size (game visuals).
- Milestones, end-of-level scores results (zombie/boss killed, rewards, money earned, etc).

Update 1.0.6.

This version fixes/add the following stuff:
- Unresponsive tap-touch events are fixed.
- Less fog and larger view distances.
- Camera now follows the character no matter what.
- Closer camera view.
- Auto-reload (if you runs out of ammo your reload will take longer).
- Manual-reload (if you manual reload it takes half reloading time).
- Rapid pistol firing. You can now fire with pistols as much as you tap.
- Shop is now available before level start, you can even access it from the main menu if you press the Continue button!
- Rendering speed improvements.
- More zombies at night.
- More starting ammo and on street ammo boxes.
- Weapons prices lowered.
- Game overall difficulty lowered.
- Improved fonts.
- Working fade in screen.

We are bombing the App Store with updates that improves the game even and even more! We gonna polish the game until it reach players 100% satisfaction.But we need your support to be able to fund incoming updates and Forgotten Memories! Tell your family/friends, make iTunes reviews for each version.

If you would like to see Dead Strike update progress/state, click on the link below (signature).
Enjoy and keep tight while we finish the big update!
Regards from Psychoz Interactive.
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Not for me it isn't =/

Yeah, I said it: Your Tower Defense/Stick Figure/Block game sucks.

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Originally Posted by one f jef View Post
Not for me it isn't =/
You have to wait a bit is just out (30 mins ago). Provably 1-2 hours.
01-06-2010, 06:34 PM
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So while level layouts are pre-scripted, are the zombie spawns randomized?

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01-06-2010, 06:45 PM
So how does update approval work? How long does it usually take? Some devs seem to get several updates approved in a short space of time.
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Originally Posted by TouchChatterbox View Post
So how does update approval work? How long does it usually take? Some devs seem to get several updates approved in a short space of time.
from what iv read. its random has heck. ie.. depends on the person reviewing the app at the time. and the mood of that person seems the most logical explanation for the approval process.

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Gotta love the Zombie walking on the street sign/lamp around the 3:41 mark...

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Is there online multiplayer?

Originally Posted by Dr. Porkenheimer View Post
Someone is ridiculing Big Albie? Kill him.
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Dev could you please stop making these redundant threads.
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Originally Posted by sid187 View Post
from what iv read. its random has heck. ie.. depends on the person reviewing the app at the time. and the mood of that person seems the most logical explanation for the approval process.

The whole approval process seems to be getting faster, at least for non-controversial apps and updates. We're regularly hearing about under-a-week approvals, something that used to be pretty darned rare back in the day.

Oh, and it's always decided by committee -- it's never just one person.