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iPhone: UFOs - TOFTT review

01-20-2009, 06:29 PM
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UFOs - TOFTT review

ok, so i decided to give this a shot as i haven't seen any reviews around on this.

first, let me remind you all i don't have a good handful shmup games to compare either price/fun factor (i got space dead beef and rrootage, and those analog shooters 2079, paradise, dropship, stellar and blue skies)

so, if anyone have seen the video on youtube, you know what expects you...

graphics are bland - the rather cool background from google maps doesn't fit those pixelated (i mean, like a GIF picture without properly removing transparency - you can see some white dots around the sprites). and even worse, the background picture is short in length and you can see the "cut-and-paste" effect to make the level "endless" in the same city. awful in my opinion. there are some "fireballs" sprites that are really something...

sounds are.. well, just hold your finger against the speaker when the game starts - a loud sci-fi ufo effect is at large and will send shivers down your spine - in a bad way! luckily before starting the game you can mute the sound.

the GUI is rather simple, but effective (not gonna say ugly, some might complain about it). and you can select ANY level when you start playing it - i tried the first one (new york) and after that, i had no more levels "unlocked" to choose from. after reinstalling the game, i chose the last level (tokyo) and poof, all levels were unlocked! yay o_O

controls - ahhh the controls... it's just like space dead beef - you can hold your finger to control the ship - BUT it's not that responsive, it lags a bit to move - and to shoot you have to tap. so, you tap-tap-tap to both move AND shoot (difficult in my opinion, specially when your FINGER is in front of every action on the screen!)

well, the controls are simple, but it could either (dev, take note for an update): shoot automatically (like those arcade shmups) OR it could have a fire button (maybe not very effective). and please change the "drag" point to somewhat BEHIND (bottom part) of the ship (like in rRootage).

gameplay-wise, this is a shoot em up. you either like it or you dislike it. i would say, for .99c it's not bad, but it could be a lot better by adding better controls. there are power ups and different enemies (but haven't played THAT much too check up on everything), so if you like shmups, this might be enjoyable for it's price tag - or stick with those free ones (i tried another free one that uses the accelerometer to move, deleted it after trying). at least you can play on your bed o_O

if you are insecure, wait for a huge update - in both graphics and controls (dev, please update the graphics! i can help if you want to!! it DOES need better sprites and background! the first enemy ship is a CD??? wtf?! lemme know if you need some help with graphics! a lot of people here can help you out!) or sitck to space dead beef.
01-20-2009, 06:45 PM
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Nice work, agent... I was thinking about this game as well... I loved that they used real images for the background and then did the crappiest job they could on the ships and enemies. The real backgrounds just made it stand out more.

Be sure to put the review up on the app store so others will know that someone already took one for them.

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01-20-2009, 06:51 PM
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it's already "waiting for approval"...

anyway, the background idea is nice, but you can see the "crop" where the image just repeats to make the level endless... a good blending would make it look a LOT better...
01-20-2009, 07:48 PM
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thanks for taking one for the team!

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