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iPhone: Last call before the price goes to $9.99. Be Free Or Die (Zombies) free for one day.

01-09-2010, 12:56 PM
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Last call before the price goes to $9.99. Be Free Or Die (Zombies) free for one day.

Yeah it is a joke It will go back to $0.99 in an hour. It is not at $9.99 level yet. But I am sure with your help guys it could be possible.

So if you haven’t installed it yet, go ahead and install it and don’t forget to participate in those contests:


• (Closed - winner Foozelz) $15 gift card reward. The best introduction video on youtube. I am pretty sure you will make it much better than me though So let’s compete, make it original, funny, crazy etc. Se details here:

• (Closed - winner akame) $15 gift card reward. The best game story. I am pretty sure you are better in creating stories as well So let’s compete, make it original, funny, crazy, stories for existing levels or new levels etc. Se details here:
In order to promote this application I have to create two more additional contests:

• (Closed - winner deiden26) $15 gift card reward. The best game criticism. Write the best game technical review/criticism and you win. Se details here:
http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=40477. Please note that it is not an AppSore comments or reviews though. This is a game criticism describing a game problems and future proposals how to fix them. That will make this game better. Post your notes in the forum or send it to me by an email.

• $15 gift card reward. The best news spreader. Se details here:

• (Closed - winner goldglover411) - $15 iTune card reward (US) in one hour. App description in App Store (Be Free Or Die)

Have fun and good luck and if you have friends that could be interested send them an email right away, so they would be able to get it for free as well.

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01-09-2010, 07:53 PM
Even with the future updates, the developer's name certainly is not one of the popular ones in the app store such as Freeverse, Chillingo, and Gameloft that people look for. $9.99 is a bit much, even for the ever-popular Call of Duty zombies game. You want to get your foot in the door, not peer in and have yourself shoved away before you can send kind condolences. A fair price to work up to for this game (based upon future feedback) would be right around $6.99 tops. It's the same price as when Ravensword initially came out and it's a full RPG rather than a 5-stage survival game. Take this into consideration and don't ever make it $9.99 unless you want your business to slow down to a near stop. Price is always expected to increase as a new game makes really nice improvements, just don't get carried away with the "yet" mentality. ^_^
01-09-2010, 08:16 PM
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Aw man, I fell for that $9.99 bs. lol You got me good.