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iPhone: Arroic: Puzzle Trickshot game now reduced to $0.99!

01-11-2010, 11:57 AM
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Arroic: Puzzle Trickshot game now reduced to $0.99!

Arroic: The Fun and Crazy Trickshot game has had a 50% price drop to $0.99 on the iTunes store.

Product Description:
4/5 - iHappyTouch.com

Now reduced to 99!

Original and challenging game play and puzzles, from fun easy levels through to mind boggling crazy courses that could leave you bamboozled!

Complete puzzles in various ways that suit your skills:
- Draw arrows to direct your ball to collide with as many coins as possible for points galore.
- Plot the fastest path to collect time trophies and increase your score.
- Use the environment to your advantage and reach the goal using fewer arrows for points and prowess.

Unlock content and achievements
- 61 Exciting and engaging levels to unlock, complete and replay in many ways**
- 124 Trophies to collect
- 35 Fun and challenging achievements*
- 6 Additional balls, each offering an alternative experience to every level*

Be the best at every level and share your results with the world
- Achieve the top score
- Get the best time
- Compare and compete on the online leader boards*
- Track local and global scores*
- Show off achievements and scores on Facebook and Twitter*
- Create your own gamer profile*
- Compete directly with friends

*Available only in full version
**61 Levels in full version, 6 in lite version

- Social gaming elements developed with Agon created by Aptocore: http://agon-online.com -

Gamespot Ratings Link:

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01-11-2010, 12:52 PM
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I tried the lite version and really like this, I will pick up the full version later today.

I wasn't really sure what to expect with this game but the graphics are nice and the gameplay is spot on.

Being able to create your own levels would be nice but this game is pretty polished as is.