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Game Request : Space RPG shooter

01-12-2010, 05:01 AM
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Game Request : Space RPG shooter


Just wanted to send a message bottle to the sea of iPhone devs :

It would be great, absolutely great to have a space opera RPG, with quests, galaxy discoveries, dog fights, weapons, several ships, etc ...

I had a hella fun with Galaxy on Fire (maybe was it a bit repetitive, though).
Since then, there was a lot of shooters, but either not in full 3D or with RPG elements (stats, market, quests, huge universe to explore, etc).

What would be awesome, and not that hard to dev :
- huge world (hint : procedural generation)
- a PVP zone (other zones would be local)
- Epic action ! subtle manoeuvers, explosions, hugeness (huge spaceships versus little recon crafts ?), speed, supernovas ....
- various quests. Galaxy on Fire was great for that, but they weren't various enough. It became grinding at the end.
- full 3D environment, indeed

Oh and please, 2 traps to avoid :
- use a D-Pad, not this awful unresponsive accelerometer for directions
- Not another copy of freelancer or Xwing, something that would be somehow different, gamedesign wise (I'm sure it's possible ^^)

As deep space is not requiring a huge amount of polys or textures, it could let some dev time for scenario and quests.

Well, the bottle was sent


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01-12-2010, 05:23 AM
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Send a message via AIM to kohjingyu
Me and DGH94 on these forums are currently creating one like that, it's called Pixel Warrior.