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# "New and Noteworthy" in All Games on the App Store.
# 1 Dice Game in many countries.
# 1 Board Game in some countries.


It is dispensable, but we strongly suggest you to upgrade your device's OS version to iOS 4.3 and up, you will have cosy experience of playing this game.


1. Gameplay tuned up.
2. Visual Effects improved and new magnificent ones added in.
3. Information exposing manner tuned up.
4. Graphics improved.
5. Performance improved.
6. BUILDING UPGRADE bugs fixed.
7. Minor bugs fixed.


Welcome to the world of Mr. Hair - AFRO Estate Tycoon!

You could be a millionaire and be a tycoon of real estate easily here!

Business competition is not only instinct with hope and passion, but also cause men losing their hair by immense pressure. More often than not, a man would get more rich and lose more hair.

In the world of Mr. Hair, no man has to run his business so hard. You could enjoy investing and trading of real estate very easily, but also growing your hair and wealth in the same time. The winner will become gorgeous in AFRO hair style.

This is a monopoly like game but more exciting and funny!

If you like these games, Monopoly, Game of Life...etc, you will certainly love MR. HAIR!

--Game Features--

- Addictive of fascinating game play. Easy to handle with one finger.
- Fully 3D cute characters and unique scenes. Realistic sound effect and cool image effect.
- Play solo against the computer or Pass'N play for 3.
- 2 funny game modes:

*** AFRO Mode: Enjoy fun of acquirement and investment for much income. Just try your luck, but knowing how to control your cash flow and side effect between different kinds of assets.
-- Each asset would affect its close neighbor, and therefore increase each other's income or cost. Choose them at your own risk.
-- You could acquire any opponents' asset if you offer a inviting price to their branch.
-- Opponents should pay you toll when they pass or stay in front of your asset.
-- You could adapt your assets or invest them more and more to increase whole value and create more income, bonus, and passage toll.
(Do it carefully! Investment would gain sweet profit, but being very risky, too!)

*** BALD Mode: Make real estate speculation by destroying opponents' assets and replacing with your own. You could even multiply income with quick action.
-- 6 kinds of industries for you to occupy all of the vacant land.
-- Stay, replace, and get money! You don't even pay!
-- Multiple of income would increase up if you tap the combo button at correct moment during movement.


Ver. 1.0.1: Performance Improved, Jan. 21, 2010.
Ver. 1.0.3: Tutorial & New Gameplay for Investment, Feb. 6th, 2010.
Ver. 1.0.4: Financial Live Report & New Info. display manner, Feb. 15th, 2010.
Ver. 1.0.5: Fans' page on the Facebook, Mar. 16th, 2010.
Ver. 1.0.6: Tuned Up.
Ver. 1.0.7: Wrong Spellings Fixed.


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don_k's comments:

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Youtube link | Pop Up

01-14-2010, 03:13 AM
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Currently on sale for 99c

Has anyone tried this game? It looks really interesting, similar to Monopoly with additional rules and game modes.

I just hope it doesn't have the stupid dice problem that plagues all EA board games.

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