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Master Level chess is a feature rich, highly competitive chess game engine designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch users. You don't have to be a Chess Master to play Master Level Chess. It is designed for all ages and all levels of play, from the youngster learning for the first time to a well seasoned chess veteran. Play against a friend or play against Master Level Chess, either you will be very entertained.

Features of Master Level Chess:
* Play as either Black or White.
* Play against computer or play against a friend.
* Email the board layout of a game in progress to your friend.
* Play in Analysis Mode.
* Move scenarios for each piece.
* Set move per seconds for computer.
* Choose up to 6 different chess pieces.
- Modern.
- Glass.
- Polished Metal.
- Chrome Metal.
- Romanesque.
- Wood.
* Choose 5 different board color.
* Show Analysis.
* Show Book Moves.
* Play Style.
- Passive.
- Solid.
- Active.
- Aggressive.
- Suicidal.
* 3 Levels of Book Variety.
* Computer strength from 0 - 100.
* Sound Setting.
* Figurine Notation.
* Force Move.
* Hint.

- The best iPhone Chess on the Store!
- This app should be selling for more than $20!
- My kids LOVE this app. Especially the hints and possible move scenarios for each piece.
- I LOVE this chess game, thanks for making it so well!

Works with iPhone OS 2.0 and greater.

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01-14-2010, 08:37 PM
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The dev of this game stole the work of Tord Romstad, the guy behind Glaurung Chess. Almost everything about this game is identical to Glaurung, even the board and font! What a shameless guy.
01-14-2010, 08:42 PM
This is exactly the same as Glaurung Chess. Fail.