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Review: Project Void

01-18-2010, 12:58 AM
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Review: Project Void

Project Void ($1.99)

Void is a puzzle game where you use Tetris-styled shapes composed of blocks to fill in game board(s) the most efficient way possible. Eventually the game adds colors, tools and more.

Gameplay: 8/10
There are two modes in Project Void. They've basically given the casual and hardcore market something to play. If you're like me and just want to come in and fiddle around for a bit, casual mode lets you play care free. While you still get point reductions for overlapping pieces, you are free to take as much time needed to calculate your next move. Whereas the hardcore mode has a strict timing mechanism that pushes you along through the game. At times this could be overwhelming, but I'm sure the hardcore fans will enjoy that they put thought into this area.

Overall I'm happy with the gameplay. I flipped this game on while I was laying in bed and completed more than half of it during my first session.

Graphics: 8/10
If you consider the theme of the game based off of the title, I'd say they nailed it on the head. When I think of 'Void' I think of a whole bottle of emptiness leading to some chaos. While the majority of the game initially is monochrome, they introduce colors soon into the game. The interface is nicely done coupled with the nice animation.

Replay Value: 9/10
This game offers infinite replay value. Each stage is randomly generated so you're never playing the game the same way twice. In addition, after each stage you can post your score online to compete against others.

Controls: 9/10
To play you simply grab a piece out of your set of 4 shapes. To rotate the shape, you swipe with another finger. It's pretty straightforward and I didn't have any issues getting the hang of it - there are also helpful tutorials that pop up from time to time to help out.

Sound: 10/10
The audio tracks are superb. They put a lot of thought into the feeling of the music coupled with the style of the game. It's very trance-like and I happen to have an affinity for that stuff. ) The sound effects are very smooth and are not annoying, but for anyone who doesn't like the sounds, there are audio adjustments to minimize them.

Total: 44/50
Given that the game is different and endless, $1.99 seems like the perfect price point. I also noticed that appSafari reviewed it as well.

Web: You should view their website here.

YouTube: You should view a gameplay clip here.

iTunes: You should buy Project Void here.