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  • Publisher: Nor Eagle
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 4.4 MB
  • Version: 1.0
  • Price: $0.99
  • Average User Rating:
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App description: *** HALF PRICE SALE! ***

"Could be a Sudoku Brain-cercise Replacement" - Sharakarasic, Appolicious

Fun with numbers! For all ages!

If you can count to 9 and have an index-finger you can play and ENJOY Fumbers. Test your reflexes and improve your short-term memory at the same time. The rules simply couldn't be erm... simpler:

* Each level starts with a series of numbers being displayed.
* The player tries to memorize these numbers.
* The numbers are covered up.
* The player has to tap them out in the correct order, low to high before the timer reaches 0
* The quicker you finish the task the more points you get

Create massive scores and collect even more points in the bonus-levels. This is a game everyone who can count will enjoy, even people who normally don't see the point of video games will enjoy Fumbers!

As if enjoying yourself wasn't enough, research suggests that exercising your brain in this manner actually helps prevent Alzheimer's disease! (Re: Cognitive Reserve).

NickFalk's comments:
OK, I guess you'll have to read the full press-release to get what that headline is all about. The most important piece of information is of course that Fumbers is now available for purchase.

Fumbers - it's fun with numbers

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Honestly, it can be! Fumbers(tm) will convince you, it will test your reflexes and your memory. It's a game anyone with an index-finger and a brain can play. Just memorize the numbers and pick them out in the correct order before the timer runs out. The faster you manage, the more points you get. If you can count to nine, you can play Fumbers.

Fumbers is the game to show any parent, grandparent, partner, or anyone else that fail to understand the appeal of video gaming. Get it today for yourself, or why don't you buy a game for one of your parents for a change?

Fumbers - it's fun with numbers

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*** Special introductory $0.99 sale until the end of this week ***
01-25-2010, 03:33 AM
Joined: Jan 2009
Location: Italy
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I'd like to spend few words on this game that I bought last night - it is performing very bad in terms of sales, as the developer reported in Dev section of the forum, but it's a compelling and enjoyable time waster.
The gameplay is really simple - in each round you have about a second to memorize the positions of a set of numbered tiles. After that they will be replaced by question marks and you have ten seconds to tap on them in the correct ascending order. Some rounds also feature "fake" tiles (i.e. question marks where there was no tile before) which in addition to an increased number of "real" tiles make it harder to survive (the game ends after a single mistake).
After every couple of rounds, there is a bonus round in which you will randomly win some points, the double of your current score, or no bonus at all. There's definitely a luck element here that will influence your final score. While someone might not like it, I think it overall integrates well in the simple gameplay.
The game runs very, very smoothly with no loading times at all. Graphics are bright and appealing, and overall show a certain amount of polish. After each round a toon character will comment your performance based on the amount of time you took. It doesn't actually speak, but it's animated in a funny way.
Having a single game mode, there's no need for a menu. After tapping the title screen, you just start the game. Once you lose you are shown the high score table, and after that a new game starts. The high score table just shows local scores, online scores would certainly be a nice addition.
While not revolutionary or rich of features, the game is fun and quite addicting, and I think it would deserve some more sales.