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Control Ideas: Action RPGs/2D fighters/side scrollers

01-23-2010, 08:26 PM
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Control Ideas: Action RPGs/2D fighters/side scrollers


Gesture Area = left side of screen (or right side for leftys)

Basic Movement:
-simply touch and hold thumb on left side of screen to move in the direction your character is facing don’t have to move thumb unless you want to change direction
-slide thumb slightly in any direction to immediately change your characters direction
- don’t have to slide thumb far at all so no need for a virtual d-pad, joystick, or wheel or any onscreen widgets.
-lift thumb of screen to stop moving
-this will allow for more precise control of basic movement in a very small area; thumb will not wander

dodge Skills:
-frame of reference will be derived from where the thumb was before it moved or lifted off the screen
-4 inputs from flick gestures right, left up and down
-4 inputs from double tap gestures to the right, left, above, or below last frame of reference
-this will allow a total of 8 possible inputs for use with skills
-These skills can range from dashes, dodges, rolls, flips, teleports, jumps, somersaults and all kinds of skills attributed to dodging.
-get acrobatic by chaining dodge skills together; for example: on the left side of the screen flick to the right to roll and then double tap to jump or flip
-gamers will not be able to assign dodge skills instead this will be determined by a load out chosen by gamer
-these load-outs are categorized by classes like a ninja class for instance

Attacks & Combos

Gesture Area = Right side of screen by default but can be swapped for lefty’s

Basic/Quick attacks:
-simply single taps/double taps on the on the right side of the screen to do a basic quick attacks
-intelligent use of reference means you can switch up frame of reference and input commands for up 4 different quick attacks which can be chained into combos
-for example: tap once then tap again to the right, left, above or below where you originally tapped; this is how you will input combos by switching up the location of your taps

Strong Attacks:
-will utilize flick gestures 4 in total
-chain flicks together to do strong attack combos


Gesture Area = right side of screen

-Skills/Techniques are special melee attacks costs no mp.
-utilizes “complex gestures”
-first hold thumb down on right side of the screen
-slide thumb in any direction to begin charging the assigned skill; time will not stop
-stop sliding at a certain point in sync with animation and visual cues; if you slide to far the skill will fail
-concentration release meter will pop up and sway back and forth from miss, critical, average damage.
-optional the timed release can also be done with visual cues instead
-lift thumb off screen to execute assigned skill
-where the meter lands or weather or not the gamer executed the skill in line with visual cue will determine any damage bonuses or penalties;
-players can change edit and assign 4 skills one to each direction left, right, up and down as they please

-pinch in, on left side of screen; hold pinch in to block
-optional move = quickly pinch out to parry requires timing

Menu Driven Commands

The menu driven commands will be used for magic and items. When you open a menu the game action will pause.

-there will be two sets of menus for magic
-1 on the bottom left corner for defensive/status/vitality spells
-1 on the bottom right corner for offensive spells/summons
-and 1 bottom center for items
-tap and hold to bring up on screen menu
-lift thumb off screen or move away to close the menu
-select spell/item with other thumb
-for defensive spells use the top toolbar which will have thumbnails for all of your active party members displaying HP/MP levels and what not; just highlight a thumbnail to designate them the recipient of the spell
-for offensive spells there will be an additional menu that appears after selecting spell, there will be a back button on this menu page to go back to spell selection if you want to
-there is 3 kinds of spells targeted, surrounding, and linear spells
-for targeted spells after choosing it the menu will fade allowing you to tap on the enemy you wish to target
-for surrounding you can tap where you want the center of the spell to hit and pinch in/out to make surrounding area bigger or smaller;
-surrounding spells lose damage points the bigger the area is
-surround spells will damage party members
- linear spells; after tapping on the spell the menu fades allowing you to just draw a line where you want the spell to go
-casting magic costs mp
-for items simply tap the center button to pause game and bring up item inventory, highlight item, and highlight thumbnail of party member to designate a recipient for the item
-after selecting a spell or item and after choosing a recipient or target simply move thumb off the button to close menu thus executing selection
-or should there be an pop up to confirm selection?

Switching Party Members
-there will be a toolbar along the top of the screen
-there will be thumbnails and stats of each character
-simply tap on the thumbnail to switch character
-scaled to have at least 4 party members

Info Button
-info button needs a better name?
-In the top right there will be an info button tap to pause the game
-after tapping it the menus and toolbars and controls will fade away
-from here its like native google map controls
-pinch in out to zoom in/out
-swipe to move around
-tap on enemies and characters to get more info
-when you tap on your characters you can issue individual commands which will allow you to tap and then draw a line to an enemy to designate priority and command the AI to attack enemy you want them to attack
-or simply adjust style of combat
-you can also run away and flee from battle in this menu
-when finished just tap "close" top right

What do you guys think?

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01-23-2010, 09:31 PM
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combo consideration......

for combos determining the frame of reference will be more complex so further consideration will be needed....unless you want that right thumb tapping across the screen or not having enough room on the screen to continue combo past 3 attacks

can use patterns?
-alternating between two different locations of taps
*for instance tap anywhere on the right side of the screen, then tap to the left of that tap; then tap where you first tapped and go back and forth
-alternating up & down taps
-alternating between 3 different locations
*1 over 1 up or down then tap back where you left off;
*tap once then tap to the right of where you tapped
* then to the left of where you tapped and then tap the middle again

setting frame of reference?
-use double tap to set frame of reference then you can tap above, below, to the right, and to the left as if they were buttons designating a different input on each location
-double tap again to clear center or frame of reference
-have an augmented graphic designating where the center is?
-like a dot that resonates or vibrates

quick & strong combos:
-keep in mind you can combo taps and flicks/swipes as well
-thats 5 different inputs
-tap + flick down + flick up + flick right + flick left = lots of combos
-you can do a lot of combos with taps and flicks, but i like the idea of tap combos as well
-because you can tap in a different direction of a previous tap; say to the left of a previous tap, easier then you can tap between 2 multiple on screen buttons
-if the second tap is more left then down then its left not down, if its more right then down then its right not down so on and so on; easy as that
-if the tap combo system really works and you have tap + swipe combos you could create an insane amount of combos for a touch screen device that is on par with arcade and console games
-it doesn't matter where you tap as long as you tap in a different location thus setting up a frame of reference from the first tap; say to the left which can easily = different input.....without needing a single button
-im speculating that its easier to tap in a frame of reference like to the right of the previous tap then it is to hit a specific location designated by an onscreen button

I consult with the 7 sages
01-23-2010, 09:38 PM
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or have a persistant dot designating a center then you could tap above below to the right and to the left of that dot. Don't forget the dot itself could also be a an input so that's 5 inputs from only 1 on screen graphic

I consult with the 7 sages