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App description: Chuck the Beer
Ever sit in a bar and want to just toss your empty beer can at some moving targets to try out your aim and see what might happen? Who hasnt? Now you can do just that with the newest release by FeelSocial Inc., Chuck the Beer.
Chuck the Beer will bring you inside a club where the bartender is sliding beers across the bar. Your mission is to knock those cans down before they reach their owner by tossing your empty beer can at them. Should you miss, there are plenty of bottles stacked on shelves in the back you might end up hitting, knocking down and breaking.
A fun-filled game with 3 modes of gameplay
- 12 Pack (knock down 12 beer cans while being timed)
- 24 Pack (knock down 24 beer cans while being timed)
- Hot Streak (Keep playing to see how many you can get in a row. Also called Destruction Mode in which you can just mess around and break as much stuff as you can).
Whether you are playing alone or competing with friends on time and accuracy, you will find hours of entertainment with this age old classic. Makes a great drinking game with friends (please drink responsibly).
With a full 3D environment and unique physics engine, the collisions of cans and bottles will impress with its attention to realism.
Created by the makers of the smash hits Beer Pong and Football Toss (over 10,000 downloads served).
01-26-2010, 10:16 PM
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Silly me, I read 'Chuck The Bear', and I clicked through the screenshots wondering where's the bear?
01-26-2010, 10:18 PM
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what are the controls for this game?