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2D fighter ideas for touch screen device

02-01-2010, 02:18 PM
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2D fighter ideas for touch screen device


-stances are equip-able fighting styles
-there will be generic stances that all characters have
-and unique stances for each character
-you can equip 2 stances for each battle
-each stance has their own unique combo possibilities
-each stance has its own unique super
-each stance has their own unique focus move

swapping stances -- to swap stances just tap top right to switch back and forth from two equipped stances


virtual wheel -- the virtual wheel will facilitate the following:
-forwards/backwards movement

*movement -- just slide thumb left and right like it was a slider; dont "have" to rotate wheel

*jumping forward-- just slide thumb right then rotate the wheel counterclockwise to jump right

*jump straight up -- aim the arrow of the wheel to the top center of the wheel and your charter will be hoping up and down continuously

*jump backwards -- slide thumbleft then rotate the wheel clockwise slightly to jump backwards

*blocking -- just slide thumb away from enemy and rotate wheel down slightly to block; works just like street fighter but with a virtual wheel

-like rolls, dashes, charges, running, somersaults, sliding ect
-uses double taps on the virtual wheel bottom left (can be swapped for leftys)
-just double tap on the right side of the virtual wheel to do an acrobatic move to the right
-just double tap on the left side of the virtual wheel to do an acrobatic move to the left

Attacks & Combos:

basic attacks -- to start attacking just tap bottom right like crazy

*i would like to experiment and see how easy it is to switch from a single tap to a double tap where each input would execute a different attack perhaps single taps would be quick attacks and double attacks would be strong attacks, if that cant be implemented properly its just any tap no matter how fast will = attack input

advanced attacks -- the advanced attacks are anti airs, grabs and sweeps. to execute one of these attacks simply use flick gestures bottom right. flick left/right to do a grab, flick up to do an anti-air, or flick down to do a sweep.

simple combos -- just spam the taps; single and double

advanced combos -- will use taps & gestures; for instance a combo could be tap + tap + flick up + flick thumb down so on and so on. advanced combos can be executed while hitting nothing but air

super combos -- is the same principal as advanced combos meaning it will use taps + gestures but contact must be made as in you must hit enemy and land the attack if the attack is blocked you cant do the super combo. once you land 2 quick attacks back to back or a single strong attack without it being blocked; immediately begin to slide thumb up & down or left & right slightly going back and forth without lifting thumb off the screen. thats how you will do a super combo


basic focus move -- simply tap & hold thumb bottom right briefly to charge up the move, thus starting the animation; then when the move is ready simply lift thumb off the screen to execute the focus move

advanced focus move -- same principle but once you have the focus moved charged and ready you can double tap to do an acrobatics then release when ready

*you cant move when focus move is charged you can only do acrobatics
*the charge doesn't last very long if your not quick to execute the focus move the charge will dissipate and the focus move will not execute


when your super gauge is full there will be a pop up button that will appear bottom center of the screen; between the virtual wheel on the left and the virtual pad for attacks on the right. it will only appear when you can do a super move just tap the button to execute the super. each stance has its own unique super moves


parry is basically sacrificing half of the super gauge to cancel a combo, and you can execute the parry same as you would a super just tap the pop up button that appears bottom center of the screen when your character is getting pummeled by a combo. you can execute a parry when your stumbling backwards and even if your being juggled. the parry can be executed when you have 50% of your super gauge full

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03-13-2010, 06:50 PM
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-thinking about floating controls for movement (will update if i have anything)
-for now im brainstorming a virtual joystick aka VJ within a slider similar to AC
-this slider can also be section'd off into two parts right and left that recognize taps and can be used similar to virtual d-pad buttons, but of course the VJ can still slide across the whole slider it isnt trapped or anything
-the VJ is also loose as it can slide up/down out of the horizontal slider
-the slider should have a center and if your VJ is to the right of the center sliding the VJ up will make your character jump up and to the right
-if your VJ is to the right of the center and you drag it down you will crouch and move to the right slowly
-taps should be recognized as quick dodge action either forward or backwards as the horizontal slider is section'd off into two parts and should be used almost like two onscreen d-pad buttons
-the VJ (the shape inside the slider that you can drag around or implicitly follows your thumb) is used for slide gestures; key for combos and jumping/crouching

-im thinking of a wheel (instead of 4 individual circle buttons) that is cross section'd out into 4 parts within the wheel
-you can tap these parts as if they were buttons
-taps should be used almost explicitly to hit individual parts not 2 parts at once (this is key) as within a circle im speculating that its MUCH easier to compute the exact part the user wanted to tap; if taps are used explicitly for only one part at a time
-if you want to hit 2 parts at once you use flick gestures either horizontally or vertically across the wheel
-i think having a system where taps are only used for individual input and flicks are used explicitly for two inputs at once is a system that is ideal for a touchscreen
-since with a touchscreen there is no feedback other then your character did or do not do what you wanted them too, on a controller you can feel the buttons and you have physical feedback but on a touchscreen its hit or miss
-its a tradeoff since you can only hit the top & bottom and/or right & left parts and NOT the top & right but its a necessary trade off for a touchscreen especially if you want the controls to feel "natural"

of course this is all speculation that needs to be tested................

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