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App description: Get ready for an epic battle between the magical forces of good and evil!

Take control as a Spellcaster by using your finger to draw and conjure up spells, then with your device in hand, extending your arm and shaking it at your opponent to strike, just like a magic wand!

Fused with incredibly detailed graphics and animation, plus awesome sound effects over a movie-quality soundtrack, Spellcaster will keep you on the edge of your seat while you face each sorcerer one-on-one using both skill and luck.

If you're a fan of fantasy movies involving magic, wizards, and sorcerers, you'll have a blast with this challenging yet entertaining game.


Please note that due to the graphic complexity of this game, Spellcaster requires the faster processor found in the iPhone 3GS, the latest iPod touch, and the new iPad. We are working hard to create a compatible version for the original processors. Thank you for your understanding.

BeyondtheTech's comments:
As an entry for the Macworld 2010 GameSalad Challenge, I created this game to use the accelerometer and touchscreen for a fun one-on-one challenge with a sorcerer.

Use your finger to draw the spell, tap the name of the spell to announce it, then cast the spell by extending your arm out like you would with a magic wand. Your accuracy determines the strength of the attack.

With a little play of skill and luck, fans of sorcery and wizard movies and games should get a kick out of Spellcaster.

Check it out on the App Store here for only $1.99 USD:

Thanks and enjoy!
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05-14-2010, 01:17 AM
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So I tried the game, and while I like the basic spell casting mechanic, I think the game needs a lot of work.

First, I simply could not get the blocking to work - at all. I don't know if it's broken or if I just don't understand it.

Second, I don't really like the bugs (they don't really make sense with what you're doing, and they're just annoying) - I think there are better ways to challenge the process of charging up the spell (which by itself is already a bit of a challenge). For example, you could have an energy surge flow through the runes - if it touches your spell's energy ball that you're dragging around, it causes the negative effect (actually not sure what that is - what the bugs do).

Third, the spells themselves need more variety. The effects are all the same! And they seem to have about the same amount of power too. If you're going to make spells unlockable, there should be something cool about them (ie. more power).

Fourth, some variety in the sorcerer would be nice too - different looks, different spells, etc. The variety in scenes is nice though.

Fifth, the casting mechanic using the accel. is ok, but it doesn't seem reliable - I think it's just too sensitive. But then, not sure you want to make it too easy. I'm not sure how you'd do it so the difficulty balance/challenge was just right.

Sixth, too much loading time throughout the game - it really interrupts the flow. Loading at the beginning is fine, but I don't want to have to wait after every action.

Seventh, there's no indication as to how long I get before I lose my turn. I'd much rather see some kind of indication so I know how fast I have to go - it would add to the suspense.

As for the positives, I do think the spell powering and casting are done pretty well (though the sorcerer animations are pretty basic - low frame animations). Running your finger along the runes in the shapes feels good. And the one special effect there is for the spells is also good. Menus look fine too, and audio is good. One thing the game is missing is multiplayer - this seems like a perfect multiplayer game.