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App description: Ghosts, Zombies and Vampires Vanquish them all!!!

Ghostsn Zombies is an action shooting game, which is set in the Middle Ages.

A long long time ago, an ancient chapel became haunted with ghosts, zombies, and vampires which turned the beautiful chapel into a full of horrific and evil place. No one knew where these demons came from, nor why they were here. As nobody would go near the haunted chapel anymore, a monk was sent from the Vatican to investigate. Armed with only his faith and his weapon, the monk bravely ventured into chapel to exorcise the demons and restore peace back to the chapel.

The controls of Ghostsn Zombies combine utilizing tilt and touch. You can tilt the iPhone to control the monks movement from right to left and touch the enemies to shoot them. The monks faith will strengthen him as a warrior, and his weapon can be upgraded as well. You must destroy the enemies and gather the crystals they drop to increase the faith.

There are two different game modes in the game - STORY MODE and SURVIAL MODE. Each game mode features many stages with unique levels and enemies to fight.

Ghostn Zombies is a highly competent envisioning of what is now a tried and tested genre, and well worth picking up right now for the price. Overall 8/10(Great)

Innovative game control
Combine tilt and touch, specialized for iPhone/iPod.
Easy to learn and play
The gameplay is very easy to pick up and a tutorial also helps the players become more familiar with the game.
Variety in level design
There are more than 15 levels in the game. Each level has its own unique gameplay and strategy.
Challenging SURVIAL MODE
If you think your strong enough, then you can try the SURVIAL MODE. This survival mode is a new endless challenge for the players. How long can you keep your faith?
Support OpenFeint leaderboards
Post your high score on the OpenFeint leaderboards. Compare with your friends, or players from all over the world.
Unique art and original music
The ancient corridors, old wooden beams, mottled stone walls, dim oil lamp, show an occupied ancient church by evils. The fast rhythm combined with the dark overtones of the music immerses the player in the tension and atmosphere of the game.

More Reviews:
Ghostn Zombies is a fun shooter with a silly premise, and worth picking up.

The cartoon visuals are charming and there appears to be a merry spread of ballistic treats to enjoy as you mow down various paranormal beings

Ghostn Zombies keeps gameplay fast and divided into manageable chunks to make blowing away otherworldly denizens non-stop fun thats also a great buy. Overall 4/5(Good)

A fun game that is good for about 10 minutes at a time.

Enjoy non-stop action with this creative side-scrolling shooter!

The graphics are top notch, the game play keeps me coming back for more and the soundtrack is spooky.

Ghostn Zombies is a fun time waster with a good deal of charm attached.

We will keep improving the game so please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions.

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You can also check out a video of the gameplay at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz4ojETpO7c

djflippy's comments:

Game Impressions

What a pleasant surprise; this game came out of nowhere, from the developers of Cell War, and it is a blast. The first thing you'll notice is that the artwork is superb. For instance, the protagonist is an ornery old monk with bushy eyebrows and a bright read nose, presumably from sampling his monastery’s fine brews.

In the first level, he enters from screen-left and must fight off a horde of ghosts haunting his place of prayer. He begins with a buckshot pistol that is fired simply by tapping the screen, but this is not a run-of-the-mill tap-to-shoot duck hunt. You see combos can be scored when nailing multiple ghosts with one shot, so position is of the utmost importance. The player controls the monk’s movement by simply tilting the iDevice left and right and he will automatically pick up fallen gems that serve as ammo.

If he runs out of ammo, freakin’ Death appears and lops his head off with a double-bladed scythe, dripping with blood. To keep from reaching this point, the player can upgrade weapons sequentially by scoring combos and he has quite a killer arsenal, up to and including a chaingun. I haven’t seen a flamethrower yet, but this game has me praying that there is one. When you do tap your upgraded weapon, a glorious angel descends from the heavens and provides to you the blessed tool of destruction. I know, right...best thing ever!

While the gameplay may seem rudimentary, it’s not; the developers, TipCat Mobile, have really put some thought into how this game plays. Aligning shots is important, as I said, but there are a variety of enemies that can potentially hinder your performance; pesky rodents running across the floorboards, meatheads that enter from either side and continue to hassle you even after their heads have been blown off, and also a number of flying enemies whose movement patterns and speed keep you on your toes. There is a Story Mode and an Endless Mode, in which every enemy and their momma are thrown at you. Good thing a holy cross shows up once in a while that obliterates every enemy on screen.

The whimsical and twisted theme, the beautiful artwork, the pacing, and the core gameplay mechanics all come together to deliver a game that, for me, is a must have title. It's even OpenFeint enabled, with achievements and all, so be sure to pick it up at the introductory price of $1, because it’s a steal at that price.
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Ghosts'n Zombies

Well the old thread is locked, but I hope we can continue the discussion of the game itself. Maybe impressions from the other thread can be pasted over.

02-02-2010, 04:57 AM
I'm really sorry about what happend in the previous thread. I hope it wouldn't stop you talking about the game.

If the ad banner bothers you, it would be disappeared in next build after promotion sale is over.

Enjoy the game!
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If the ad banner bothers you, it would be disappeared in next build after promotion sale is over.
Thats what I wanted to hear, thanks.
I tried first 2 levels and have to say that the game is pretty good.
02-02-2010, 08:26 AM
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I grabbed this game after I went berserk app shopping (I know, that is bad for the wallet... but it is fun ) and I must say it is pretty fun, the mechanics are simple, but well, I'm only at lvl 2 and there seems to be a lot of new enemies in game (from the video) that will keep the game fresh and renewed. With the promise of constant updates (as long as they keep it/ don't make them DLC) this game will be a must buy, but for now is just pretty darn fun .

I don't know if I've played too little, but I'd like to see more variety of items gotten from killing the undead, normally there are just crystals and the ocassional cross to clear the screen. What about faster walking? Invulnerability? Score multipliers?
02-02-2010, 08:57 AM
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one question, can we control the guy movement using method other than tilting?

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Great impressions djflippy, well summed up.

I'm liking this game so far. Great art style and is getting more intense with the harder levels.

I'm okay with the control method as it is, but agree, another method might be an option. My suggestion is to include a move set of buttons, seems like it would be relatively easy to do. It's not essential, but I'm the type that really doesn't like having to tilt and turn things in public if possible.

To the developer - great game and hope you add more content down the line.

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Originally Posted by MicroByte View Post
It's not essential, but I'm the type that really doesn't like having to tilt and turn things in public if possible.
EXACTLY my sentiment! :0

but ok.. gonna pick up later :P
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I picked this up because it looks really fun but please get rid of the ads. If this is a sale, then make it a real sale and don't torture us with ads just because we bought it on sale. This is VERY bothersome to say the least.

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looks like my style game, esp the crystal life design. will do and get some feedback here later.